Haut-Katanga District

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Coordinates: 11°40′S 027°28′E / 11.667°S 27.467°E / -11.667; 27.467

Location of Haut-Katanga district (light green) in extreme south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Haut-Katanga District (Upper Katanga District) is a district located in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The copper mining centers of Lubumbashi and Likasi are surrounded by the district but are administratively separate.

Historical province[edit]

From 1963 to 1966, the area was constituted as Katanga Oriental. In 1966, it was merged with the former Lualaba Province to create Sud-Katanga, and was then merged into the new Shaba Region. Presidents of Katanga Oriental were:

  • 13 Aug 1963 - 20 Jul 1965 Édouard Bulundwe (b. 1932)
  • 20 Jul 1965 - 24 Apr 1966 Godefroid Munongo (s.a.)

Approximate correspondence between historical and current province[edit]

Approximate correspondence between historical and current province
Belgian Congo Republic of the Congo Zaire Democratic Republic of the Congo
1908 1919 1932 1947 1963 1966 1971 1988 1997 2015
22 districts 4 provinces 6 provinces 6 provinces 21 provinces + capital 8 provinces + capital 8 provinces + capital 11 provinces 11 provinces 26 provinces
Tanganika-Moero Katanga Élisabethville Katanga Nord-Katanga Katanga Shaba Katanga Tanganyika
Lulua Lualaba Lualaba
Haut-Luapula Katanga-Oriental Haut-Katanga
Lomami Lusambo Kasaï Lomami Kasaï-Oriental Lomami

Proposed future province[edit]

Haut-Katanga district is part of a proposed Haut-Katanga Province to be established when the country's new constitution was implemented, originally slated for February 2009.[1] The new province was to include the current district and also the cities of Lubumbashi and Likasi, with Lubumbashi as its capital.[2] As of October 2010, the new province had not come into existence.[3]