Haut-Katanga Province

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Location of Haut-Katanga
Coordinates: 11°40′S 27°29′E / 11.667°S 27.483°E / -11.667; 27.483Coordinates: 11°40′S 27°29′E / 11.667°S 27.483°E / -11.667; 27.483
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Capital Lubumbashi
Largest city Lubumbashi
 • Governor Jean-Claude Kazembe Musonda[1]
 • Total 132,425 km2 (51,130 sq mi)
Area rank 5th
Population (2006 est.)
 • Total 3,960,945
 • Rank 5th
 • Density 30/km2 (77/sq mi)
Official language French
National language Kiswahili

Haut-Katanga is one of the 26 provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specified under Article 2 of the country's 2006 Constitution,[2] the new province was finally created in 2015 from Haut-Katanga District and the independently administered cities of Lubumbashi and Likasi, all previously part of the pre-2015 Katanga Province. The capital of the new province is Lubumbashi.

The new province's territory corresponds to the historic Katanga-Oriental that existed the early period of post-colonial Democratic Republic of the Congo between 1963 and 1966.

Approximate correspondence between historical and current province[edit]

Approximate correspondence between historical and current province
Belgian Congo Republic of the Congo Zaire Democratic Republic of the Congo
1908 1919 1932 1947 1963 1966 1971 1988 1997 2015
22 districts 4 provinces 6 provinces 6 provinces 21 provinces + capital 8 provinces + capital 8 provinces + capital 11 provinces 11 provinces 26 provinces
Tanganika-Moero Katanga Élisabethville Katanga Nord-Katanga Katanga Shaba Katanga Tanganyika
Lulua Lualaba Lualaba
Haut-Luapula Katanga-Oriental Haut-Katanga
Lomami Lusambo Kasaï Lomami Kasaï-Oriental Lomami


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