Hautlieu School

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Hautlieu School
Hautlieu Jèrri 02.jpg
School building in 2012.
Motto Summa Petamus (Aim for the highest)
Established 1952
Type Non-fee paying secondary school[1]
Headteacher Nick Falle
Deputy Headteacher Andrew Adkin
Location Wellington Road
St Saviour
49°11′34″N 2°05′30″W / 49.1928°N 2.0917°W / 49.1928; -2.0917Coordinates: 49°11′34″N 2°05′30″W / 49.1928°N 2.0917°W / 49.1928; -2.0917
Staff 83
Students 677
Gender Mixed
Ages 14+
Colours      Dark Green
Website www.hautlieu.co.uk

Hautlieu School, or simply Hautlieu, is a secondary school in Jersey which accepts students aged 14 and over. The school is owned and operated by the States of Jersey.


In 2012, the school had approximately 680 pupils.

During the academic year 2004/2005 the GCSE pass rate was 100%, at which 40% gained A* to A grades. At A level there was an 87% pass rate of which 79% obtained grades A-C. Admission into Hautlieu depends on the result of CAT, Cognitive Abilities Test, exams with a minimum result of 109. It is, however, possible for determined students who have not achieved the necessary CAT score to appeal.

Over the years it has been suggested by politicians that Hautlieu should be converted to a sixth-form college and the 14+ system (which some regard as controversial) be abolished.

Admission criteria[edit]

Hautlieu differs from other state secondary schools in Jersey, in that students must meet specific criteria before being eligible for application to attend the school.[2]


Construction of Hautlieu's first building began on the 18 April 1951 and was officially opened on the 5 April 1952, and was originally a boys' grammar school until the admission of its first female student in 1962[citation needed].

Hautlieu's successful exam results have received positive reports from Her Majesty's Inspectors.

As of June 2003, Hautlieu no longer automatically accepts year 10 pupils. Students wishing to attend must take cognitive ability tests, and undergo teacher assessments.


  • Charles Brown - 1952-1977
  • Jack Worrall - 1977-1988
  • Brian Bullock - 1988-1996
  • Lesley Toms - 1996–2014
  • Nick Falle - 2014-present

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