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Havana MetroBus
MetroBus de La Habana
La Habana (33200534714).jpg
A Havana MetroBus Yutong articulated bus in 2017
LocaleCuba Havana, Cuba
Transit typePublic bus transport
Number of lines17
Operator(s)MetroBus de La Habana
System map

Map of Havana MetroBus

A Camelito bus near El Capitolio building. On driver's door is pictured the MB logo[1]

The Havana MetroBus (Spanish: MetroBus de La Habana), shortened as MB,[1] is a public bus network serving the city of Havana, capital of Cuba. It is the principal public transport network of Cuban capital and is conceived as a surface subway.


The fleet of MetroBus, formerly known as camellos or camelitos (Spanish for camels and little camels) for their two humps, have been modernized, and now uses large modern articulated buses, such as the Chinese-made Yutong brand, Russian-made Liaz, or MAZ of Belarus. The stops are usually 800–1,000 metres (2,600–3,300 ft), with frequent buses in peak hours, about every 10 minutes. The network is linked to several suburban rail stations.[2]


The network consists of 17 main lines, all identified with the letter "P" preceding the number:[3][4]

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