Havannah Island

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Havannah Island is shown near the centre of the map
Havannah Island is shown near the centre of the map
Coordinates 18°50′24″S 146°32′31″E / 18.840°S 146.542°E / -18.840; 146.542Coordinates: 18°50′24″S 146°32′31″E / 18.840°S 146.542°E / -18.840; 146.542
Archipelago Great Palm Island group

Havannah Island is one of the islands in the Great Palm Island group. The nearest island is Great Palm Island, after which the group is named.

Havannah Island is the southernmost island from Palm Island and is under the flight path from Townsville.

Havannah island has only one beach landing which is typical of the smaller islands of the Palm Group. These beaches are located in the northwestern end of the islands and afford a safe anchorage in calm conditions. There is no naturally occurring fresh water on Havannah, Fly or Brisk Islands. The nearest medical facility is on Palm Island along with police and fuel.

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