Have Come for Your Children

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Have Come for Your Children
Have Come for Your Children cover.jpg
Studio album by Incredible Expanding Mindfuck
Released September 2001 (September 2001)
Recorded 1999
Genre Psychedelic rock, Krautrock
Length 72:11 (CD)
80:22 (Vinyl)
Label Gates of Dawn
Headphone Dust
Producer Steven Wilson
Incredible Expanding Mindfuck chronology
Arcadia Son
Have Come for Your Children
I.E.M. 1996-1999

I.E.M. Have Come for Your Children is the third album from Steven Wilson's side project, Incredible Expanding Mindfuck. It was released on CD in 2001 on the Headphone Dust label.[1] Tracks 1-5 use improvisations from 1999 as source material, heavily reconstructed and overdubbed in the studio in August 2001 while track 6 is a piece for hammered dulcimer and mellotron choir.

A double vinyl edition, released by the Gates of Dawn record label in 2003, included an additional track, the same-titled "I.E.M. Have Come For Your Children".[2] This was later included on the Complete I.E.M. boxset CD version of the An Escalator to Christmas EP.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Steven Wilson.

  1. "Untitled 1" – 35:37
  2. "Untitled 2" – 8:02
  3. "Untitled 3" – 7:10
  4. "Untitled 4" – 12:02
  5. "Untitled 5" – 5:29
  6. "Piece For Hammered Dulcimer And Mellotron Choir" - 4:31
  7. "I.E.M. Have Come for Your Children" - 8:11 (Vinyl version only bonus track)


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