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Have I Been Here Before? is an ITV daytime programme, presented by Phillip Schofield, made by ITV Productions. The programme offers celebrity guests the chance to see if they have lived before, in a past life. The celebrities are regressed by experienced therapist Andrea Foulkes, and in the process they often reveal some deeply intimate thoughts about their current lives.

Jules Hudson, a qualified historian and archeologist, investigates the historical accuracy of the regression, to establish any credibility for the past life recounted.

Phillip Schofield then reveals the results of the investigation to the celebrity, and discusses any effects they feel the experience has had on their life.

Series 1[edit]

The celebrities who took part were:

Celebrity Former Life
Neil Fox A lute-playing carpenter
Anneka Rice A 16-year-old stowaway
Jane McDonald A dancer in an Arabian palace
Linda Lusardi A 14th-century peasant
Lisa I'Anson An Italian monk
Jonathan Coleman An 18th-century sailor
Jennie Bond An 18th-century destitute girl
Joe Pasquale A soldier in World War I
Nicola Wheeler A soldier in 1804
Toyah Willcox An anchoress in 15th-century Holland
Cheryl Baker A 19th-century carpenter
Ann Maurice A Roman Centurion
Melinda Messenger A weeping old woman
Anne Charleston A poor Irish farm girl
Coleen Nolan A nervous 16-year-old debutante
Tina Baker An elegant Victorian woman
Denise Welch A farm girl living in Devon
Sarah Greene A young girl, who is forced into slave labour
Shaun Williamson A 14th-century knight
Suzanne Shaw A frail girl, living in the shadow of her sister

Series 2[edit]

The celebrities taking part in series two are:

Celebrity Former Life
Kym Ryder A maid for Mr Brown who had his baby and married his son
Hannah Waterman A 19-year-old girl who later on moved to India and had many lovers
John Barrowman A 19th-century circus clown
Gaynor Faye A woman from a wealthy family and couldn't marry the man she truly loved
Samantha Giles A housekeeper
Eddie Large An 18th-century jacobite named Jock Campbell
Alison Lapper When she was 17 she was taken away by a cruel Lord
David Seaman A 28-year-old who lived in a castle in Windsor, and was apparently Richard the Lionheart.
Adele Silva A 6-year-old male orphan
Sally James A 9-year-old boy named Joe, who lived with his parents in a back-to-back house
Charles Ingram A woman, named Claudia Servina who lived in Britain in the Roman period of 60 AD
Kerry Katona Sarah who was seventeen with twin brothers William and John, both five
Katherine Jenkins Ran a vegetable farm with her husband
Rebecca Loos Lived in Africa, by the sea and was happy and content with life

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