Have You Heard the Word

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"Have You Heard the Word"
Single by The Fut
Released 7 March 1970
Format 7"
Recorded 6 August 1969
Genre Psychedelic pop
Length 4:39
Label Beacon
Songwriter(s) Steve Kipner, Steve Groves
Producer(s) Maurice Gibb

"Have You Heard the Word" is a song recorded by British rock group The Fut. Written by Steve Kipner and Steve Groves. It is the band's only single. Most of the vocals were sung by Maurice Gibb, the rest were sung by Kipner and Groves. The B-side "Futting" was only an instrumental. This song features an impersonation of John Lennon by Maurice.[1] It was released as a single on 7 March 1970 but did not chart.[2]

Recording and aftermath[edit]

"Have You Heard the Word" was recorded on 6 August 1969 at IBC Studios on a Tin Tin session. That day, Maurice Gibb had broken his arm falling down a flight of stairs. He showed up wearing a cast and shot full of painkillers, and he proceeded to take advantage of the open bar in the studio. Kipner and Groves were not happy with this listless song to begin with, and as the session deteriorated, they left. Maurice put on tape his best John Lennon vocal impression and somehow played bass as well in his distinctive style. Lawrie recalls that he might have been there too, but admits his memory of the late 1960s is none too good.[3]

This song was credited to The Fut. Years later, Gibb said that he had no idea how that happened. The record appeared in early 1970, with rumours that this song was one of The Beatles, perhaps a bootleg recording. The recording was so plausible as a Lennon song that Yoko Ono and Lenono Music, cleaning house in 1985, registered a copyright on it as a song written by John Lennon, even though Lennon had earlier denied participation in this song.[4] Later in May 1974, on RSO tapes, this song was credited as a Kipner/Groves composition, although BMI listed it as by Kipner, Groves and Lawrie.[3]


  • Maurice Gibb — lead vocals, bass
  • Steve Groves — lead vocals, guitar
  • Steve Kipner — lead vocals, piano
  • Billy Lawrie — background vocals
  • Uncredited — drums


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