Have a Nice Life

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Have a Nice Life
Have a Nice Life live in 2010
Background information
Origin Middletown, Connecticut, United States
Genres Experimental rock, post-punk, experimental
Years active 2000–present
Labels Enemies List Home Recordings, The Flenser
Associated acts Giles Corey, The Danger Strangers, The Flowers of St. Francis, In Pieces, Nahvalr, Black Wing
Members Dan Barrett
Tim Macuga

Have a Nice Life is an American experimental rock band founded in Connecticut in 2000 by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga. They are known for their unique style of post-punk, which includes elements of shoegazing, post-rock, industrial, ambient, drone, and gothic rock.


Their debut album, Deathconsciousness has received critical acclaim since its release in 2008,[1] with many positive ratings in sites such as Rate Your Music.[2]

The band's extended-play album Time of Land was released for free as a digital download in 2010.[3]

In January 2014,[4] Have a Nice Life released their follow-up LP to Deathconsciousness, titled The Unnatural World. According to Metacritic, this album has received generally favorable reviews.[5][6]


Studio albums[edit]

Compilation album[edit]

  • Voids (2010)
  • Voids II (2014)

Extended play[edit]

Live album[edit]

  • Live at The Stone NYC (2010)

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