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Havelian is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Havelian is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: Coordinates: 34°03′11.00″N 73°09′12.00″E / 34.0530556°N 73.1533333°E / 34.0530556; 73.1533333
DistrictAbbottabad District
ProvinceHazara Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
 • Total40,481 (Geonames)
Postal code

Havelian is the second largest municipality in the Abbottabad District, in the Hazara Division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It serves as the headquarters for Havelian Tehsil. The word literally translates into English as "mansions". The outskirts of the city are also home to one of the largest ordnance factories of Pakistan, Pakistan Ordnance Factories Havelian. An ordnance depot also exists in the vicinity of the city and the factory.


Havelian is located on the Karakoram Highway and on the banks of Dor River, about 15.5 kilometers south west of Abbottabad.[1]


A large population of Havelian speaks Hindko Pahari, Gojri Potohari & Kashmiri. However, due to deteriorating law and order situation on the western borders of Pakistan, the Pushtuns from FATA have also settled in and around Havelian causing Pashtu to be widely spoken throughout Havelian. Also, an influx of refugees from Afghanistan has brought the Afghan dialect of Persian and Dari to district Havelian.


Havelian's main public transport consist of auto rickshaws, modified Suzuki pickup vehicles, tongs, which can accommodate anywhere from 8 to 13 people at a time. Taxis and automobiles for hire are also available. Vans and buses are frequently used for connecting Havelian to the surrounding cities and towns in the region.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif performed a groundbreaking ceremony of the Hazara Motorway, the road link of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, on November 29, 2014. The 60-kilometre-long, 4-lane fence opd expressway will cost Rs33 billion. The Hazara Motorway will reduce the drive time from Islamabad to Havelian to just 30 minutes, additionally providing a road to the Havelian Dry Port project. The project anticipates hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities, possibilities of new business ideas, and a socio-economic uplift of the whole region. CM KPK Parveez Khan Khattak announced a bypass from Havelian to Damtor and another bypass from the Havelian city to Havelian Village. The CM also announced a network of roads in Havelian.[2]


Havelian is the last railway station while traveling to the northern areas of Pakistan in KPK province.

Havelian is the terminus of a branch railway.

In February 2007, consultants investigated the construction of a railway link to China. The line would cross the 4,730m-high Khunjerab pass.[3]

A former railway to the east was cut by partition with India.


Agriculture and business are the main occupations of the people in Havelian. A significant number of people are also employed in the ordnance factories and ordnance depot, however, the factory boasts its own housing area separate from the old city known as POF Colony


Madrassa jamia abubakar sultanpur

  1. Lone Mansion
  2. Imperial College of Technology Havelian
  3. Dar-E-Arqam School Havelian
  4. Alfalah Public School, Sultanpur
  5. Pied School System, Havelian
  6. Allama iqbal public school and college havelian
  7. Abbottabad University of Science & Technology[4]
  8. Ayub Public School, Havelian.
  9. Iqra public school and degree college Havelian
  10. Sir Syed Public School & College Sultanpur, Havelian
  11. Government High School, Havelian
  12. Jinnah Public School, Havelian
  13. International Public School and College, Havelian
  14. Al Arqam Academy Of Excellence, Havelian
  15. The Educators
  16. Air Foundation School System Havelian
  17. Government Degree College both for boys and girls Havelian.
  18. Jinnah college of commerce Havelian
  19. The Hallmark college Havelian.
  20. Hira Public School Havelian.
  21. Madrissa Jamia Anwar ul Islam Sultanpur Havelian
  22. Madrassa imam Azam Abu Hanifa Muslim Abad Havelian
  23. Fatima Public School Havelian
  24. The Rising Sun Public School Havelian Village.
  25. The Leader College of Science & Technology Havelian.

Religious sites[edit]

Shrine of Bawa Syed Abd-ul-Sattar Shah Badshah, Dhari Sharif

Markazi Imam barghah lakamandi Havelian

Markazi Jamia Masjid Al-Hadith Havelian

Makki Masjid, Mohallah Lakarmandi, Havelian

Markazi Jamia Masjid Havelian

Markazi Jamia masjid Siddque Akbar Havelian village

Shrine of Allah dad in moh Khankheil havelain village

Shrine of Shah Abdul Aziz (shankari waly baba G) GT Road sultan pur

Baba Choi wali Sarkar

Markazi Jamia Masjid Gol

Masjid Farouq-e-Azam near Civil Hospital Havelian

Masjid-e-Aqsa (Mohallah Zaman Shah) Havelian

Nearby villages[edit]

Villages in the immediate vicinity includes Jhangra, Kashka, Panjgran, Chamnaka, Chehar Sajikot, Phullanwali, Mera Gujrat Haajia, Langra, Lari Siyadain, Malkan, Gohaal, Banda Abdul Jabbar Khan, Banda Bazdaar, Banda Said Khan, Bodla, Deiri Kiyaal, Bandi Attai Khan, Takia Sheikhan, Rajoya, Ghora Bazgraan, Gharhi Phulgran (khan state), Naara, Satora, Moh Matain Dhanger, Sultanpur, Changi Bandi Baldeer, Gujjratan, Hajia Gali, karachh, Kiala(Jadoon state), Batala(Ghujjar, Afridi, Tanoli) Sajawel, Banda Subkhan, Maira, Upper Gujjrat, Khokhar Maira, Muslim Abad (old khota Qabar), Theethaan, Sareela, Barsin, Kokal, Banda Gujjar Abad Solan and Tookaa.jhangra, mohra, mohree, kashka, punjgran.


it is a village of havelian, its location is infront of Pakistan ordinance factory (POF), near Havelian. This place is situated in Abbottabad, N.W.F.P., Pakistan, 34° 3' 0" North, 73° 10' 0" East are its geographical coordinates and its original name (with diacritics) is Haveliān.


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