Haven High Academy

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Haven High Academy
Established 1992
Type Academy
Location Marian Road
PE21 9HB
52°59′15″N 0°01′32″W / 52.98742°N 0.02557°W / 52.98742; -0.02557Coordinates: 52°59′15″N 0°01′32″W / 52.98742°N 0.02557°W / 52.98742; -0.02557
Ages 11–19
Badge 2 H's. One Black and One Red.
Website www.hhtc.org.uk

Haven High Academy (formerly Haven High Technology College and Haven High School) is a secondary school and sixth form with academy status located on Marian Road in the north of Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

The school came into being in September 1992 as the result of a merger of the then Kitwood Girls School and Kitwood Boys School.


In the school term before Easter, year 10 pupils can apply to become prefects for the following school year. The selection panel then invite the applicants to interviews which are held over two weeks. After the interviews the prefects are selected. At this stage staff and all Year 10 pupils can vote for 6 students (3 boys and 3 girls) off of a list of 20 who they feel would make good senior prefects. The top 6 boys and top 6 girls make up the Senior Prefect team - the top 2 children of each gender being Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl.

The prefects wear grey jumpers while the Senior Prefect team wear purple jumpers (and are nicknamed the Purple Perils).

Thanks to the sponsorship of local companies, during the Easter holidays the Senior Prefect team take part in a 'leaders of tomorrow' trip to Washington DC and New York City. While there is a 'fun' element to the trip, it is primarily an educational journey and includes a day in a typical American school

The NT Club/The Loft[edit]

The NT club is facility at the school. Students in KS4 can use the club at break and lunch times during the week and play pool, play on the Xbox/Nintendo Wii, listen to music and make food and drink. The club is in a room on a second floor which can be accessed by either the stairs or the lift for the disabled. Out of school hours, the room is a youth club run by local youth workers. This session costs £2.00 a turn and is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30pm to 6:00pm. This after-school facility is available to anyone who attends a secondary school in the area.

Immigrant education[edit]

Under normal circumstances, the school would take 135 new pupils each year as its Pupil Admission Number. However, the rules were anomalously adjusted to allow 20 more pupils in as they were from immigrant families, most of whom had little English language knowledge. Some lessons in the school, to allow for immigrant families, have translators for Portuguese speakers. This rudimentary policy was featured on the front page of the Daily Express in October 2006 as No Place at School If You're British. It was thought local parents had been surprised that the children from immigrant families had been given obvious precedence.

As of March 2009, approximately 17% of the college roll are foreign nationals with the trend now being that new arrivals tend to be from Eastern Europe, primarily Poland and Lithuania as opposed to Portugal, where many of the initial arrivals came from.

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