Havoc Pennington

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Havoc Pennington
Born Robert Sanford Havoc Pennington
c. 1976
Nationality American
Occupation Computer programmer
Employer Typesafe Inc.
Known for Linux, GNOME development

Robert Sanford Havoc Pennington (born c. 1976 ) is an American computer engineer and entrepreneur. He is known in the free software community due to his work on HAL, GNOME, Metacity, GConf, and D-BUS.[1][2]


Havoc Pennington graduated from the University of Chicago in 1998. After graduation, he worked at Red Hat as a Desktop manager/engineer for 9 years, ending in 2008. He was also one of the main developers of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, and also founded the project freedesktop.org in 2000.[3][4] He promoted the idea of the Gnome Online Desktop in 2007.[citation needed] For a time,[when?] he led the development of the 2006-2009 Mugshot project. From 2008 until June 2011, he worked on a consumer product for the startup company Litl (hardware, and proprietary software and services). Since then, he has worked for Typesafe.



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