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Havoc Records break
Founded 1992
Founder Felix Havoc
Genre Crust punk
Hardcore punk
Country of origin United States
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota
Official website http://www.havocrex.com

Havoc Records is an underground crust punk record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Havoc Records was founded in 1992 by Felix Havoc. According to Felix, "I learned a lot about how to produce and distribute records in this period. Havoc Records began in 1992 as the vehicle to realize the "Burn this Racist System Down" 7" by Destroy!, the band I sang for from 1988 to 1994. The next three releases were all bands that Destroy had played with on tour that I liked. The rest of the releases have been bands I heard or saw that I really liked. From the get go Havoc records has been about supporting and exposing aggressive, anti-authority, anti-society hardcore punk bands."

The label specializes in U.S. and Scandinavian underground punk bands. Havoc Records has released around 50 records, selling just over 250,000 records and CDs in the last 14 years.

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The catalog number indicates the format (ie. 12 for 12" record, 5 for CD, 7 for 7" record)

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