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...And Oceans
OriginHelsinki, Finland
GenresDeath metal, melodic death metal, symphonic black metal, experimental metal, industrial metal
Years activeFesterday: 1989–1992; 2013–2020
...and Oceans: 1995–2005, 2020–present
Havoc Unit: 2005–2013
LabelsCentury Media
Season of Mist
Websiteendpointzero.net (archived)
MembersJos.f (Kena Strömsholm)
T.kunz (Timo Kontio)
Heinr.ich (Mika Aalto)
Sa.myel (Sami Latva)
Past membersde Monde (Teemu Saari)
Martex (Jani Martikkala)
Mr. Oos
Pete (Petri Seikkula)

...And Oceans, at one time known as Havoc Unit, is a metal band from Finland. It was formed in 1989 as a death metal outfit called Festerday, but soon changed its style to symphonic black metal. It released its first album as ...and Oceans in 1998, and in the following years it pursued a less traditional, more industrial-oriented direction.


The band was formed in 1989 as Festerday and it originally played death metal. It changed name to ...and Oceans in 1995, and the band's debut release was the symphonic black metal album Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts, released by Season of Mist.[1] The Symmetry of I – The Circle of O followed in 1998. The band signed to Century Media, who issued the A.M. G.O.D.: Allotropic/Metamorphic Genesis of Dimorphism album, described by AllMusic as "definitely one of the band's finest",[2] and the band's profile was raised by a European tour with Marduk, Vader, and Mortician.[1] The band's 2002 album Cypher was described by Allmusic as "Scandinavian cyber-metal", "sounding as if Skinny Puppy and Cannibal Corpse have spawned some kind of terrible, shrieking cyborg baby".[3] Band members also played in Rotten Sound, Deathbound, and 6 Billion Ways to Die.[1]

Havoc Unit[edit]

After ten years of existence as ...and Oceans and four full-length albums, the band changed its name to Havoc Unit in 2005. Its first album under the new name was h.IV+ (Hoarse Industrial Viremia), released in 2008. After five years, in 2013 band's name returned to be Festerday.[4][5]

Return as ...And Oceans[edit]

On January 14, 2020, heavy metal label Season of Mist announced the upcoming release of Cosmic World Mother, a new album from the band, now reformed as ...And Oceans. [6]


Havoc Unit
  • Jos.f (Kena Strömsholm) – vocals (since 1989)
  • T.kunz (Timo Kontio) – guitar, bass (since 1989)
  • Heinr.ich (Mika Aalto) – keyboards (since 1999)
  • Sa.myel (Sami Latva) – drums, bass, guitar (since 2002)

Former members[edit]

…And Oceans
  • de Monde "7Even II" (Teemu Saari) – guitar (1989–2001)
  • Martex "Cauldron, Grief, Mr. Plaster" (Jani Martikkala) – drums (1997–2001)
  • Mr. Oos – bass (1995–1997)
  • Anti "Anzaar" – keyboards (1997–2005)
  • Pete (Petri Seikkula) – guitar (2001–2005)
  • Jallu – bass
  • Piia – keyboards, violin
  • Teemu Kilponen – drums (1990–1992)
  • Jakke Mäki – bass (1990–1992)
  • Jari Honkaniemi – bass (1989–1990)
  • Miikka Timonen – drums (1989–1990)
  • Veijo Pulkkinen – drums (1989–1990)


As Festerday (1989–1992; since 2013[4][5])[edit]

  • Festerday / Carnifex (split with Carnifex, 1991)
  • Demo II (demo, 1991)
  • Demo III (demo, 1992)
  • Iihtallan (album, 2019)

As ...And Oceans (1995–2020)[edit]

As Havoc Unit (2005-2013)[edit]

  • Havoc Unit / And Then You Die (split with And Then You Die, 2007)
  • Synæsthesia - The Requiem Reveries (2007)
  • Havoc Unit / ...and Oceans (2007)
  • h.IV+ (Hoarse Industrial Viremia) (2007)


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