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Hawa film.jpg
Directed byGuddu Dhanoa
Written bySutanu Gupta
Sanjay Masoom
Produced byGuddu Dhanoa
Santosh Dhanoa
Shahbaz Khan
Mukesh Tiwari
CinematographySripad Natu
Edited byA. Muthu
Music byDilip Sen-Sameer Sen
Surendra Singh Sodhi
Release date
  • 4 July 2003 (2003-07-04)
Running time
129 min

Hawa (English: Wind) is a 2003 Hindi horror film starring Tabu. The film was an unofficial remake of the 1983 American horror film The Entity which starred Barbara Hershey. Hawa was later dubbed into Telugu as Naa Intlo Oka Roju and then in Tamil as Raja Leelai.


The beautiful Sanjana is a divorcee who moves to a hillside house as she cannot afford a house in the city. She runs her step father's antique shop. However, it is not long before strange occurrences begin near and in her home. One day a Tibetan old lady gives her an antique locket at her antique shop and leaves. Sanjana sells it to a tourist couple for Rs.500. Sanjana finds the lady on the way to her home to return the money but she discovers that the lady was dead. The locket is returned to Sanjana by the tourist as the Tibetan lady keeps haunting the couple to make them return it.

Sanjana is mentally tortured and physically molested by an invisible demon. Her dog is also possessed and attacks her and Vicky, her younger brother. Sanjana consults a psychiatrist who brings a parasychologist. Sanjana comes to learn that the demon comes from an old well, where tribals used to push and kill criminals as punishment. Due to lightning striking the well, one soul escapes and haunts Sanjana. The demon also takes her younger daughter. The parasychologist opens the well from which all the evil spirits come out and attacks him.

Sanjana jumps into the well to bring back her daughter. There all the spirits get combined into a huge demon. Sanjana throws the Tibetan locket to hit the demon which then dissolves. The soul of Sanjana's father comes as an angel and returns her younger daughter.

Sanjana prepares to leave her house and suddenly the door closes. A demonic voice calls her and she opens the door but finds nothing. Before leaving her younger daughter suddenly runs to the house and the door closes.



Critical reception[edit]

Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama gave the film 2.5 stars and claimed that 'the film merges two lethal aspects, sex and violence, which should prove a path-breaking exercise for the Hindi viewer.' Suraj Das of Planet Bollywood, gave the film 2 stars out of 5 and said that 'Self-respecting moviegoers looking for quality film rather than shameful sexual exploitation should steer far clear of this compost.' Anjum N from Rediff, gave the film a negative review and said that 'Tabu is the only saving grace of the movie', and 'it's rather sad that all her effort has been wasted in a movie like Hawa.

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