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The Hawadle or Hawaadle (Somali: Xawaadle, Arabic: حوادله‎) is a Somali clan. Members of this clan traditionally inhabit southern Somalia, especially the Hiiraan region where they predominantly live. The Hawadle along with many other Somali clans trace themselves to a forefather named Mayle, who was one of the sons of Samaale.[1][2]


The Hawadle is commonly incorrectly viewed as a sub-clan of Hawiye.The confusion on this matter is warranted. Hawadle's close relationship with Hawiye is essentially the same as if they were a sub-clan of Hawiye.They are very much socially and politically aligned. Although the Hawadle share kinship with the Hawiye through their ties to Samaale they are not a Hawiye sub-clan. Hawiye is the son of Irir Samaale. Hawadle is the son of Mayle Samaale. Irir Samaale and Mayle Samaale were brothers. Due to this Hawadle and Hawiye are cousins.[1][2]


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