Hawaii Five-O (season 5)

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Not to be confused with Hawaii Five-0 (season 5).
Hawaii Five-O Season 5
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 24
Original network CBS
Original release September 12, 1972 (1972-09-12) – March 13, 1973 (1973-03-13)
Season chronology
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List of Hawaii Five-O episodes

The fifth season of Hawaii Five-O premiered on September 12, 1972 and ended March 13, 1973. 24 episodes aired during this season. The Region 1 DVD was released on November 18, 2008.


No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
98 1 "Death is a Company Policy" Charles S. Dubin Jerome Coopersmith September 12, 1972
Duke Lukela of the Five-O team is implicated in the slaying of an underworld figure's "business associate," as part of a plan to protect a investment that is tied to a building that had Duke's name on the list of investors. The "Boss" is trying to throw the team off by making sure that anyone associated with (or betrayed by) him are sent to the bottom of the ocean...personally. And he is using a mole to leak the information to him. Michael Ansara and George Chakiris guest star.
99 2 "Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain" Allen Reisner Jerome Coopersmith September 19, 1972
When two of an egomanical racing car driver's mechanics are murdered, suspicion falls on the driver's glamorous fiancee. Ricardo Montalban and Diana Muldaur guest star.
100 3 "You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich, But it Helps" Alf Kjellin Abram S. Ginnes September 26, 1972
A series of deaths of well-to-do businessmen gets Five-O involved in the investigation of a lucrative blackmail operation. William Shatner guest stars.
101 4 "Pig in a Blanket" Marvin Chomsky Bill Stratton October 3, 1972
After Danno shoots a teenager, a public outcry goes up to sacrifice him to public opinion. John Rubinstein guest stars.
102 5 "The Jinn Who Clears the Way" Harry Falk John D.F. Black October 10, 1972
Wo Fat is suspected of being behind the theft of a secret ballistic missile device, and McGarrett uncovers a plot to get the device into the hands of the highest bidder.
103 6 "Fools Die Twice" Michael O'Herilhy Abram S. Ginnes October 17, 1972
An Army officer devises a bizarre scheme to kidnap a top government scientist and collect a ransom of one million dollars in diamonds. Clu Gulager and Michael Conrad guest star.
104 7 "Chain of Events" Ron Winston Jerome Coopersmith October 24, 1972
The slaying of a public health official while conducting an investigation into venereal disease leads McGarrett into the world of politics and intrigue. Jay Stewart and Mary Frann guest star.
105 8 "Journey Out of Limbo" Michael O'Herilhy Frank Telford October 31, 1972
After Danno stumbles on a plot to assassinate a Chinese diplomat, he suffers a memory loss and McGarrett has to try to help him reconstruct the details. Philip Ahn and Keenan Wynn guest star in this episode.
106 9 ""V" for Vashon: The Son" Charles S. Dubin Alvin Sapinsley November 14, 1972
The son (Robert Drivas) of the head of a family-dominated crime syndicate (Harold Gould) masterminds a series of small-time robberies. Eventually McGarrett catches him, but it doesn't end there... Luther Adler also guest stars as the Vashon patriarch.
107 10 ""V" for Vashon: The Father" Charles S. Dubin Alvin Sapinsley November 21, 1972
With his son shot dead by McGarrett, Honore Vashon (Harold Gould) and his father Dominic (Luther Adler) are determined to see the Five-O chief pay the ultimate price.
108 11 ""V" for Vashon: The Patriarch" Charles S. Dubin Alvin Sapinsley November 28, 1972
With his grandson dead and his son in prison, Dominic (Luther Adler) sets in motion a scheme to frame McGarrett for the murder of a just-released drug pusher.
109 12 "The Clock Struck Twelve" Ron Winston Story by: Leonard Freeman
Teleplay by: Anthony Lawrence
December 5, 1972
McGarrett is assigned to preserve security and ensure an orderly trial after a series of bomb threats follows the arrest of a band of Hawaiian vigilantes.
110 13 "I'm a Family Crook--Don't Shoot!" Bob Sweeney Jerome Coopersmith December 19, 1972
A husband and wife team of confidence operators gets caught between the islands's most powerful mobs. Andy Griffith guest stars.
111 14 "The Child Stealers" Corey Allen Larry Brody January 2, 1973
Five-O investigates after children are kidnapped and sold to an attorney operating a child-stealing racket on the Mainland. Richard Hatch and Meg Foster guest stars.
112 15 "Thanks for the Honeymoon" Richard Benedict Mel Goldberg January 9, 1973
An underworld fringe character agrees to turn state's evidence against a mobster if McGarrett releases her from prison and arranges her wedding to the father of her unborn child. Patty Duke guest stars.
113 16 "The Listener" Richard Benedict Meyer Dolinsky January 16, 1973
A psychotic electronics wizard threatens a psychiatrist and his patients through a series of ingenious electronic plants. Robert Foxworth guest stars.
114 17 "Here Today, Gone Tonight" Michael O'Herilhy Jerome Coopersmith January 23, 1973
Five-O has to solve the riddle of how a suspected killer can appear to be in two places at the same time.
115 18 "The Odd Lot Caper" Michael O'Herilhy Story by: Meyer Dolinsky
Teleplay by: Meyer Dolinsky and Norman Lessing
January 30, 1973
The senior partner in a stock exchange firm conceives a daring and seemingly foolproof scheme to rob the Honolulu Stock Exchange. Richard Basehart guest stars.
116 19 "Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?" Michael O'Herilhy Jerome Coopersmith February 6, 1973
An obscure shopkeeper (Nehemiah Persoff) becomes the catalyst in a plot to assassinate a high-level Iron Curtain defector (Mark Lenard). Malachi Throne guest stars.
117 20 "Little Girl Blue" Bob Sweeney Story by: Leonard Freeman
Teleplay by: Mel Goldberg
February 13, 1973
Two ineffectual crooks kidnap a little girl and hold her hostage on a hillside bunker. This was the final episode to be co-written by series creator Leonard Freeman, whose health had already begun to fail by then.
118 21 "Percentage" Robert Butler Norman Lessing February 20, 1973
A travel agent operating gambling junkets is slain as a warning to his partners to stop competing for the gambling business.
119 22 "Engaged to Be Buried" Michael O'Herilhy Story by: Bill Stratton
Teleplay by: Bill Stratton and Ken Pettus
February 27, 1973
A gang member (Erik Estrada) under investigation by Five-O for extortion is courting the daughter (Irene Tsu) of Chin Ho, and they appear headed for a wedding.
120 23 "The Diamond That Nobody Stole" Charles S. Dubin John Furia, Jr. March 6, 1973
A cat burglar strikes at the home of a socially prominent island family, setting off a series of fast-moving events that lead to a death. It soon develops that the dowager at the center of these events belongs to a noble, if not royal, family and has plans for reinstating the overthrown monarchy of the nation of her birth.
121 24 "Jury of One" Alf Kjellin Ken Pettus March 13, 1973
One of the jurors in a murder trial is being bribed to produce a hung jury, and Five-O has to find out the motive behind his consistent "not guilty" vote and prevent a mistrial.