Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies

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Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies is a futures studies research institute Directed by Jim Dator. It is one of the few futures research centers that is associated with a masters and Ph.D. in futures studies in connection with the Political Science Department of the University of Hawaii-Manoa. Hawaii Futures has been in existence since 1971 and has been a leader in developing 'judicial foresight.'

With the recent arrival of Yongseok Seo, Stuart Candy, Jake Dunagan, and Takuya Murata, all strong young futurists, the Hawaii program has been re-energized. The website has been redeveloped and a Hawaii futures salon series has been launched mostly by the efforts of Candy and Dunagan.

Yongseok has written and published many articles, including the well received article on the emerging Dream Society, available from this link:Dream Society article

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