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Hawaiian regional cuisine dish of seared ahi tuna with a wasabi beurre blanc sauce
Roy Yamaguchi preparing lunch as a celebrity chef on the Pearl Harbor based guided missile frigate USS Crommelin in 2004

Hawaii regional cuisine, abbreviated to HRC refers to a style of cooking and the group of twelve chefs who developed it and advocated for it as a distinct Hawaiian fusion style. They met at drinking club gatherings. The cuisine draws from local ingredients (including seafood, cattle and tropical foods), a fusion of ethnic culinary influences,[1] At their first meeting at the Maui Prince Hotel, the chefs debated what to call their group and their style of cuisine. At a second meeting on the Big Island of Hawaii in December 1991 discussion and collaboration continued among the twelve chefs: (Sam Choy, Philippe Padovani, Roger Dikon, Gary Strehl, Roy Yamaguchi, Amy Ferguson Ota, Jean-Marie Josselin, George Mavrothalassitis, Beverly Gannon, Peter Merriman, Mark Ellman, and Alan Wong. They formed a non profit organization and trademarked the term "Hawaii Regional Cuisine". Roy Yamaguchi helped popularize it internationally.[2]

The development of Hawaii regional cuisine was a coordinated effort to move away from ingredients shipped over long distances and preparations that copied continental recipes even when they were not well suited to conditions in Hawaii.[3][4] The mission of Hawaii Regional Cuisine was to inform the world about cuisine in Hawaii and promote locally sources agriculture, seafood, and other ingredients in the hospitality industry.

The group of chefs came together in Hawaii in August 1991 to form an organization to create a American regional cuisine highlighting Hawaii's locally grown ingredients and the ethnic styles brought by its immigrant groups.[5] The twelve chefs including Sam Choy, George Mavrothalassitis, Alan Wong, Peter Merriman, Philippe Padovani, and Roy Yamaguchi, formed a non profit as Hawaii regional cuisine in 1992 and worked to publish the 1994 cookbook by Janice Wald Henderson, The New Cuisine of Hawaii. These chefs also sponsored a cookbook to be sold for charity.[6]

The goal the group was to link local ranchers, fishermen and farmers with chefs and business in the hospitality and restaurant industry to develop Hawaii Regional Cuisine as a reflection of the community. They took uninspired international and continental hotel cuisine based on imported products and recipes from the mainland and replaced them with dishes and a cuisine based on locally grown foods.[7]

Restaurant chains[edit]

Mark Ellman went on to found the Maui Tacos chain and Roy Yamaguchi established Roy's.

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