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Hawazin was a sub-division from the Qais 'Ailan tribe, a pre-Islamic Arabian tribe concentrated in the area around Ta’if in Arabia. Its descendants are scattered across the Middle East and North Africa as many of its members were dispatched after the Muslim conquests to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, North Africa (mainly Banu Hilal or Banu Sulaym) and Spain but live mainly as the Sunni Muslim of Syria. The remaining descendants in Arabia go by the name of 'Utaybah. Genealogists trace the tribe to Adnan bin Moudir. The descendants of Adnan (also known as the Adnanites) are part of the northern tribes of Arabia. Historians trace the tribe roots to the following bloodline :

Hawazin bin Mansour bin Ekrama bin Khafsa bin Qais Ailan bin Moudir bin Nizar bin Ma'ad bin Adnan ibn Add ibn Send ibn Napyot (Nebaioth) ibn Ishmael ibn Abraham ibn Azar (Terah) ibn Nahoor ibn Srooj ibn Ra'o ibn Phaleg ibn Aber ibn Shaleh ibn Arpheckshad ibn Sam (Shem) ibn Noah ibn Lamek ibn Motoshaleh ibn Edres (Enoch) ibn Yared ibn Mehlaiel ibn Qenan ibn Anosh ibn Sheeth ibn Adam.

The tribes cited under this bloodline are sometimes referred to as Ishmaelites.