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Hawke's Bay Town (Urdu: ہاکس بے‎) is located in Keamari Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Hawke's Bay Town was notified in July, 1984 by Karachi Development Authority. It is a residential Scheme for low / medium income group.

Hawke's Bay Town is also being developed as a neighborhood to settle over 250,000 people displaced by the construction of Lyari Expressway. However the entire Hawke's Bay Housing Scheme No.42 is not for the settlement of displaced peoples of the construction of Lyari Expressway. Hawke's Bay Housing Scheme No.42 has been divided into 71 districts, generally known as blocks or sectors. A few of Sectors/Blocks (Sector 6, 9, and 10) has been allotted to displace people of Lyari Expressway, and other sectors/blocks have been allotted to citizens of Pakistan through public ballots, and a few sectors to journalists and government employees.

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Coordinates: 24°53′43″N 66°50′40″E / 24.895152°N 66.844339°E / 24.895152; 66.844339