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Hawkeye (comics)

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Hawkeye is the name of different fictional characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Mainstream versions[edit]

Clint Barton[edit]

Clint Barton was the first character to take up the name of Hawkeye. He was originally a supervillain that assisted Black Widow and fought Iron Man before he joined the Avengers.[1]

Jeremy Renner portrays Clint Barton in the projects set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[2]

Kate Bishop[edit]

At the time when Clint Barton was temporarily deceased, Kate Bishop operated as Hawkeye as a member of the Young Avengers.[3]

Hailee Steinfeld portrays Kate Bishop in the projects set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[4][5]



When Norman Osborn formed the Dark Avengers, he had Bullseye become the Dark Avengers version of Hawkeye.[6][7]

Barney Barton[edit]

When Norman Osborn formed a second version of the Dark Avengers, he recruited Barney Barton to be this team's version of Hawkeye.[8][9]

Other versions[edit]

Golden Archer[edit]

At one point, the Golden Archer used the codename of Hawkeye.[10]

Marvel 2099[edit]

There have been two versions of Hawkeye in Marvel 2099:


During the "Secret Wars" storyline, the Battleworld domain of 2099 had its version of Hawkeye who is a member of the Avengers 2099. This version is Max who is an archer that was spliced with the DNA of hawk giving him the wings and talons of a hawk.[11]

An unidentified 2099 reality's version of Hawkeye fought the Anti-Vigilante Act alongside his fellow vigilantes. Like the Battleworld version, he has the wings of a hawk.[12]

An unidentified 2099 reality's version of Hawkeye was briefly displaced on Earth where he helped the displaced version of Spider-Man 2099 fight the Fist. Unlike the Battleworld version, this version does not appear to be a human/hawk hybrid.[13]

Unnamed assassin[edit]

On the unified Marvel 2099 reality of Earth-2099, an unnamed person operated as an assassin named Hawkeye.[14]

Onslaught Reborn[edit]

During the "Onslaught Reborn" limited series, a pocket dimension created by Franklin Richards had one of its inhabitants being a version of Wolverine who operated as Hawkeye.[15]


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