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Hawkeye may refer to:


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  • "Hawkeye", an instrumental on the 1985 Alan Parsons Project album Vulture Culture


  • Hockey Driscoll (1876–?), Hawkeye pronounced Hockey, or Ockey, rugby union and rugby league footballer who played in the 1890s and 1900s
  • Dragutin Matić (1888-1970), nicknamed Hawkeye (Serbian Cyrillic: Oko соколово), most famous Serbian scout in two Balkan Wars and the First World War.
  • Giora Epstein (born 1938), retired colonel in the Israeli Air Force
  • Monty "Hawkeye" Henson (born 1953), American three-time world champion saddle bronc rider
  • Kenneth Lee (RAF) (1915–2008), British Second World War flying ace
  • Timber Hawkeye (born 1977), author of Buddhist Boot Camp
  • Tom Webster (ice hockey) (born 1948), Canadian National Hockey League and World Hockey League retired player and coach
  • Charles Whitney (born 1957), American former professional basketball player and convicted kidnapper
  • Jack Womer (1917–2013), decorated American World War II veteran and a member of the Filthy Thirteen

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  • Hawk-Eye, a tracking system used in cricket, Gaelic football, hurling, tennis and other sports
  • Hawkeye State, a nickname for the state of Iowa
  • The Hawkeye Initiative, a Tumblr page that places the fictional comic character Hawkeye in poses held by female characters
  • Hawk's Eye, a member of the Amazon Trio in the Sailor Moon series
  • Hawk's eye, a gemstone which is a variant of Tiger's Eye