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Hawklords is a British space rock band. The band started as a one-off ensemble of musicians formerly associated with Hawkwind, and playing Hawkwind covers. Although the band uses the same name as the short-lived 1978 incarnation of Hawkwind it is not a reunion or a tribute band. Only one of the current members was in the 1978 Hawklords and the current band has released six albums of original material.


The germ of the Hawklords started at a concert on 28 September 2008 organised by Nik Turner as a tribute to Robert Calvert.[1] A group of musicians formed a temporary band for the concert, consisting of Ron Tree, Danny Thompson, Nik Turner, Jerry Richards, Alan Davey, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells, Jim Hawkman, Judge Trev, Martin Griffin, and Adrian Shaw.

Many of the same musicians reunited to play at the memorial concert for Barney Bubbles on 29 October 2009 at London's 229 club. And after the success of this concert the decision was made to form a band to tour Europe. The band was named Hawklords after the temporary incarnation of Hawkwind formed in 1978. The line up for the tour was Ron Tree, Nik Turner, Jerry Richards, Adrian Shaw, Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Swindells and Meurig Griffiths. Alan Davey joined the band for the UK leg of the tour. Concerts were played in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom in Autumn 2011.[2]

After the European tour a number of people left and the band restructured to record an album of original material. The album We Are One was recorded during 2012 and released on 24 September 2012. The line up was Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Pearce, Jerry Richards, Adrian Shaw and Ron Tree. Steve Swindells played keyboards on a few of the songs and contributed to the writing of Flight. John Constable, AKA John Crow, contributed additional lyrics for I Am The Wind and Spark In The Dark .

The second album, Dream, was released in 2013. The line up was again Harvey Bainbridge, Dave Pearce, Jerry Richards, Adrian Shaw and Ron Tree, and John Constable contributed additional lyrics for White Rag.

The third album, Censored, was released on 6 October 2014. John Constable contributed a poem for the centre sequence of Damned, and Michael Moorcock wrote a poem entitled Induction especially for the band. Following the release of Censored, Adrian Shaw has left and been replaced by Tom Ashurst.

The fourth album R:Evolution was released on 9 October 2015.

The fifth album Fusion was released on 7 October 2016.

The most recent album Six was released on 6 October 2017.

The seventh album Brave New World is due for release in autumn 2018.


  • Jerry Richards - guitar & vocals
  • Tom Ashurst - bass
  • Harvey Bainbridge - synthesizers & vocals
  • Dave Pearce - percussion

Former members and affiliates[edit]

  • Ron Tree - vocals
  • Adrian Shaw
  • Steve Swindells
  • Nik Turner
  • Meurig Griffiths
  • Alan Davey


  • We Are One - 2012, LORDS0912, distributed by Shellshock[3]
  • Dream - 2013, LORDS0913, distributed by Shellshock[4]
  • Censored - 2014, LORDS0914, distributed by Shellshock[5]
  • R:Evolution - 2015, LORDS1015, distributed by Shellshock[6]
  • Fusion - 2016, LORDS1016, distributed by Shellshock[7]
  • Six - 2017, LORDS1017, distributed by Shellshock[8]


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