Hawkmoor Hospital

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Hawkmoor Hospital
Location Bovey Tracey, Devon, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates 50°36′56″N 3°41′37″W / 50.615652°N 3.693491°W / 50.615652; -3.693491Coordinates: 50°36′56″N 3°41′37″W / 50.615652°N 3.693491°W / 50.615652; -3.693491
Care system Public NHS
Founded 1913
Closed 1987
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Hawkmoor Hospital, originally known as Hawkmoor County Sanatorium, was a specialist hospital near Bovey Tracey in Devon, founded in 1913 as a pulmonary tuberculosis sanatorium as part of a network of such facilities.[1] From 1948, the hospital catered for both patients with chest ailments (including tuberculosis) and mental health patients, and in 1972 the facility was renamed 'Hawkmoor Hospital' and dealt solely with mental health problems until its closure in 1987.[1]


Opening as a tuberculosis sanatorium[edit]

The hospital was opened in 1913 as part of a nationwide network of sanatoria designed for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, made possible by grants of central government money worth £1.5m from the Finance Act 1912.[2]

The sanatorium was initially opened in temporary accommodation with 40 beds, with the main building not completed for over a year.[2]

Training of nurses was shared by arrangement with the Royal Cornwall Infirmary in Truro.[3]


In 1948, the sanatorium transferred from the control of the local authority to the National Health Service,[1] and the scope of treatment was expanded to include all pulmonary disorders, as well as the acceptance of mental health patients.

In 1950, the hospital opened a specialist thoracic surgery unit, and also dealt with conditions such as sarcoidosis and pulmonary carcinoma.[4]

As a mental health institution[edit]

In 1972, the pulmonary diseases facilities were withdrawn and the hospital became a specialist mental disorders facility, and was renamed 'Hawkmoor Hospital'.

Current status[edit]

The Hawkmoor buildings were fully demolished and replaced by a housing development called Hawkmoor Parke.

Location and transport[edit]

The hospital was sited at the top of the hill, and accessed via a private driveway from the main Bovey Tracey - Moretonhampstead road (now the A382).

From 1931 until 1959, Hawkmoor was also served by a railway station on the Moretonhampstead and South Devon Railway with a station originally called Hawkmoor Halt, but later changed to be called Pullabrook Halt.[5] The railway station was simple with a platform constructed of sleepers and a small waiting room, and was frequently used by visitors to the hospital.[5] Whilst only 3/4 mile directly from the station to the hospital, the distance required to be travelled was more than double that.[5]


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