Hawthorn Memorial Trophy

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Hawthorn Memorial Trophy
Awarded for The most successful British or Commonwealth driver in Formula One in a particular year.
Presented by Motor Sports Association
Reward Trophy
First awarded 1959
Currently held by Lewis Hamilton

The Hawthorn Memorial Trophy is a motorsport award given to the most successful British or Commonwealth driver in Formula One. It has been awarded annually since 1959 to the driver that finishes highest in that year's championship.[1] The trophy is named after 1958 World Champion Mike Hawthorn, the first British World Champion, who died in 1959 in a road traffic accident. The trophy is often presented to the winning driver during the weekend of the following year's British Grand Prix.

The current holder is Lewis Hamilton, the 2014 World Champion.[2]


Nigel Mansell, the 1992 World Champion, has received the award more times than any other driver, winning it seven times in the space of eight years between 1985 and 1992. The only instance of the award not going to the highest placed British or Commonwealth driver was in 1979, when the trophy was given to Alan Jones instead of Gilles Villeneuve. Villeneuve had finished runner-up in the championship, one place ahead of Jones in third. The least successful driver in any one year to win the award was Jenson Button in 2005, who only finished ninth in that year's championship.



Year Winner WDC Pos.
1959 Australia Jack Brabham 1st
1960 Australia Jack Brabham (2) 1st
1961 England Stirling Moss 3rd
1962 England Graham Hill 1st
1963 Scotland Jim Clark 1st
1964 England John Surtees 1st
1965 Scotland Jim Clark (2) 1st
1966 Australia Jack Brabham (3) 1st
1967 New Zealand Denny Hulme 1st
1968 England Graham Hill (2) 1st
1969 Scotland Jackie Stewart 1st
1970 New Zealand Denny Hulme (2) 4th
1971 Scotland Jackie Stewart (2) 1st
1972 Scotland Jackie Stewart (3) 2nd
1973 Scotland Jackie Stewart (4) 1st
1974 New Zealand Denny Hulme (3) 7th
1975 England James Hunt 4th
1976 England James Hunt (2) 1st
1977 England James Hunt (3) 5th
1978 Northern Ireland John Watson 6th
1979 Australia Alan Jones 3rd
1980 Australia Alan Jones (2) 1st
1981 Australia Alan Jones (3) 3rd
1982 Northern Ireland John Watson (2) 3rd
1983 Northern Ireland John Watson (3) 6th
1984 England Derek Warwick 7th
1985 England Nigel Mansell 6th
1986 England Nigel Mansell (2) 2nd
1987 England Nigel Mansell (3) 2nd
1988 England Derek Warwick (2) 8th
1989 England Nigel Mansell (4) 4th
1990 England Nigel Mansell (5) 5th
1991 England Nigel Mansell (6) 2nd
1992 England Nigel Mansell (7) 1st
1993 England Damon Hill 3rd
1994 England Damon Hill (2) 2nd
1995 England Damon Hill (3) 2nd
1996 England Damon Hill (4) 1st
1997 Canada Jacques Villeneuve 1st
1998 Scotland David Coulthard 3rd
1999 Northern Ireland Eddie Irvine 2nd
2000 Scotland David Coulthard (2) 3rd
2001 Scotland David Coulthard (3) 2nd
2002 Scotland David Coulthard (4) 5th
2003 Scotland David Coulthard (5) 7th
2004 England Jenson Button 3rd
2005 England Jenson Button (2) 9th
2006 England Jenson Button (3) 6th
2007 England Lewis Hamilton 2nd
2008 England Lewis Hamilton (2) 1st
2009 England Jenson Button (4) 1st
2010 Australia Mark Webber 3rd
2011 England Jenson Button (5) 2nd
2012 England Lewis Hamilton (3) 4th
2013 Australia Mark Webber (2) 3rd
2014 England Lewis Hamilton (4) 1st

Multiple winners[edit]


Times won Driver
7 England Nigel Mansell
5 England Jenson Button
Scotland David Coulthard
4 England Damon Hill
Scotland Jackie Stewart
England Lewis Hamilton
3 Australia Alan Jones
Northern Ireland John Watson
England James Hunt
New Zealand Denny Hulme
Australia Jack Brabham
2 England Derek Warwick
England Graham Hill
Scotland Jim Clark
Australia Mark Webber

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