Hawthorne (Washington, D.C.)

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Map of Washington, D.C., with Hawthorne highlighted in red

Hawthorne is a neighborhood of 308 single family homes in the Northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C., wedged between Rock Creek Park and Montgomery County, Maryland. This neighborhood bordering Rock Creek Park was originally inhabited by Wealthy African Americans, mostly doctors, lawyers, and professors. Most of these families were alumni and faculty of Howard University from 1949 to about 2002. Hawthorne is entirely residential, with no commercial zoning, and is occupied by 1950s ramblers and large split-level houses on very large parcels. The neighborhood is suburban, separated from the roar of life in the nation's capital.

Coordinates: 38°58′48″N 77°03′17″W / 38.98°N 77.0547°W / 38.98; -77.0547