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For the Hawthorne USO Site 26-105[1] (FUDS J09NV0825[2]), see Camp Jumbo.
Hawthorne Bomb Plot
Navy Fallon RBS[3]:12
Babbitt, Nevada
Near Hawthorne, Nevada
Map of Babbitt, with the station to the east
Coordinates 38°32′10.84″N 118°38′2.73″W / 38.5363444°N 118.6340917°W / 38.5363444; -118.6340917
Site information
Operator United States Air Force
Site history
Fate Demolished
Garrison information
Unknown-1966 Lt Col Hollacher[4]
1966-Unknown Lt Col McHan[5]

Hawthorne Bomb Plot[6] is a Formerly Used Defense Site that had a Strategic Air Command (SAC) AUTOTRACK radar station during the Cold War. Operations began at a temporary RBS train site[specify] for RBS Express #2 was at the Hawthorne area in December 1961,[7] and the 11th Radar Bomb Scoring Squadron[8] subsequently established the fixed military installation for Radar Bomb Scoring in Babbitt, Nevada, the military housing community near the local Navy/Army[specify] depot.[4]

Detachment 12 operated and maintained the radars, e.g., c. 1977-2000, Reeves AN/MSQ-77 Bomb Directing Central (serial number 10) was at the Hawthorne Bomb Plot after use for Guam RBS and Vietnam Combat Skyspot bombing.[9] The unit was reassigned to 1CEVG's RBS Division in 1966 and tracked training sorties at the Nellis Air Force Range (e.g., during the Vietnam War)[10] and scored SAC bombers. Hawthorne's Oil Burner route ("OB-10 Hawthorne") for SAC low-level bomber flights extended from a "point west of Elko, Nevada, running southwest to Nuna, Nevada" at flight level "FL130-140"[11] (the Tonopah "SAC Targets 1 and 2"[12] were at South Antelope Lake.)[13]

The USAF detachment publicized their 1985 move to the Havre Radar Bomb Scoring Site,[14] but the Hawthorne radar station was still used by NAS Fallon in 1993,[15] and the Whiskey Flats RV park was established in the general location of the former radar station[16] in 2004.[citation needed]

External images
11th RBS site images
nearby SAC 1 & 2 Target area (p. 12)


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