Hawthorne Meadows

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Hawthorne Meadows is a neighbourhood in Alta Vista Ward in southeast Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is triangular in shape; it is bounded on the west by St. Laurent Boulevard, on the northeast by Russell Road and on the south by Walkley Road.


The neighbourhood exists at the site of the Hawthorne Post office and Orange Hall which was located at the corner of present day Walkley and Russell Roads.[1]


The neighbourhood corresponds to Census Tract 5050010.00 which had a population of 3,787 according to the 2011 Canadian Census. 45% of the population were Anglophones and 19% were Francophones. Other major languages include Arabic (10%), Somali (3%), Tagalog (3%), Italian (2%) Creole (2%), Portuguese (1%), Spanish (1%) and Swahili (1%).[2]