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The Hawthorne Smoke Shop (later known as the Ship[1]) was a gambling casino owned by American gangster Al Capone and run by fellow gangsters Frankie Pope and Pete Penovich.[2] It was located in Cicero, Illinois, where Capone had fled to escape Chicago police. Although shut down temporarily by raids several times during its existence, it provided a significant amount of revenue, earning half a million dollars in a two-year period.[2][3] Leslie Shumway, a cashier who worked there, testified in court that horse betting, roulette, craps, blackjack, and birdcage (chuck-a-luck) all took place there.[4] The profits from the Hawthorne Smoke Shop were one piece of evidence used against Capone at his trial in 1931.[3]


The Hawthorne Smoke Shop was located at 4835 W. 22nd St., in Cicero. It was in the same building as the Alton Hotel. [5]


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