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HCTV - Hawthorne community television - is an award winning Government-access television (GATV) cable television channel for the City of Hawthorne, California, that can be viewed on Time Warner Cable. HCTV has provided quality television programming for the community since 1984. Programming includes coverage of the bi-weekly City Council Meetings as well as a community news show "City News". HCTV programming provides programs to appeal to viewers of all ages.

Under the direction of the City Manager, the cable television division interprets, implements, administers, and enforces the provision of the city's cable television franchise agreement. The division plans and coordinates the creation of city and community oriented video programs. It also serves an interface between the cable television subscribers and the cable company in resolution of all disputes. Working with the city Attorney and City Engineer's office, the Cable TV division helps in the processing of telecommunication franchise proposals and gathers current right-of-way data for sharing with City staff.


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