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Paris Métro
Paris Métro station
Location19th arrondissement of Paris
Coordinates48°52′43″N 2°24′06″E / 48.87861°N 2.40167°E / 48.87861; 2.40167Coordinates: 48°52′43″N 2°24′06″E / 48.87861°N 2.40167°E / 48.87861; 2.40167
Owned byRATP
Operated byRATP
Other information
Fare zoneN/A
Haxo is located in Paris
Location within Paris
Where Haxo would appear on Paris Metro map if it were open and lines 3bis and 7bis merged into new line 19 (see Future)
Graffiti in Haxo station

Haxo (French: Haxo) is a ghost station on the Paris Métro. It lies on an unused connecting branch between lines 3bis and 7bis.[1]


The station is situated on a line which was constructed in the 1920s between Porte des Lilas (line 3bis) and Pré Saint-Gervais (line 7bis). A single track was built linking Place des Fêtes to Porte des Lilas, known as la voie des Fêtes, with one intermediate station, Haxo. For traffic in the other direction, another track was constructed linking Porte des Lilas to Pré Saint-Gervais, with no intermediate station, called la voie navette. Consequently, Haxo would have been a single-direction station with only one platform, like Mirabeau.[1]

However, despite the network owners, the City of Paris, having delivered the necessary infrastructure, the railway operator, Compagnie du chemin de fer métropolitain de Paris, did not consider a service to be sufficiently profitable.[2]

Service trains have never called at Haxo, and no access to street level was ever constructed.[2] Occasional special enthusiast trains call at Haxo for photography,[3] and the station was also used to demonstrate the MF 88 rolling stock to the press in 1993[2] (the "1993" sign can be seen on some pictures, more than 10 years later).


A study is being undertaken into the merger of Paris Métro Lines 3bis and 7bis, using the existing currently un-trafficked infrastructure between the two lines, and therefore might finally open Haxo for passenger use. The combined lines would run from Château-Landon to Gambetta.

At the moment, the voie navette is blocked near Pré Saint-Gervais by an additional maintenance facility for the MF 88 rolling stock, due to their high failure rates. Therefore, the line merger would first require the MF 88 trains to be replaced by MF 67 units, which would be cascaded from other lines after the arrival of the MF 2000 equipment.

Station layout[edit]

Street Level (no entrance)
Platform Inbound ← No regular service (any service passing through does not stop here)
(Pré Saint-Gervais is the next stop)
Outbound No regular service (Porte des Lilas is the next stop)
(No service from inbound: Place des Fêtes)
Side platform, not in service
  • Note: Line 7bis does not pass through here on its way to Pré Saint-Gervais; it uses an outer track next to the side platform which is not visible from the platform.

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