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Hayami Kishimoto
岸本 早未
Birth name Hayami Kishimoto
Also known as はやみん (Hayamin?)
Born (1987-06-25) June 25, 1987 (age 29)
Origin Kyoto, Japan
Genres J-Pop, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer
Instruments Singing
Years active 2003–2008
Labels Giza Studio
Associated acts AZUKI七lyricist
Aika Ōnocomposer
Hitoshi Okamoto(composer, arranger
Website Official Site

Hayami Kishimoto (岸本早未 Kishimoto Hayami?, born June 25, 1987 in Kyoto, Japan) is a retired female Japanese popular music singer. She was affiliated with the Giza Studio recording label for her four-year career.


When Hayami Kishimoto was 10 years old at the 5th grade in elementary school in Japan, she began to go to dancing lessons and soon after started singing course as well. The dance style she learnt was primarily Jazz, then advanced into Hip-hop and later lock and House. Dreaming to be a professional singer and signed a contract with formerly Vision Factory. In October 2002 she tried out for "Dig Star" audition by GIZA Studio, and won the grand champion with her singing and dancing. Those staff at GIZA Studio were so enthusiastic to publish Kishimoto's first single CD, that she debut in eighth month after the audition which was rare those days.

On her birth day on June 25th, 2003, GIZA Studio published Kishimoto's first single CD, MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU- (迷Q!?-迷宮-MAKE YOU-?) that appeared on Oricon single chart in the first week as no.15 and a smash hit.[1][2] She released 11 single CDs, one mini album, two full album. As a dancer with bold and sharp style, and as a lyricist she spelled out her personal view of love and friendship as a young woman. As a fashion icon who designed jackets, costumes and nail art she put on for her performance, became so popular among girls of her age, and many fashion magazines made her appear on their pages.[1][2]



  1. MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU- (迷Q!?-迷宮-MAKE YOU-?) (June 25, 2003) #15, 21,000 copies sold. GZCA-7018 [3]
  2. Aisuru Kimi ga Soba ni Ireba (愛する君が傍にいれば?) (August 6, 2003) #37, 8,230 copies sold. GZCA-7027
  3. Mienai Story (みえないストーリー?) (November 19, 2003) #59, 4,617 copies sold. GZCA-7036
  4. Kaze ni Mukai Aruku you ni (風に向かい歩くように?) (February 11, 2004) #50, 3,945 copies sold. GZCA-7040
  5. Suteki na Yume Miyou ne (素敵な夢みようね?) (June 23, 2004) #47, 3,572 copies sold. GZCA-4004
  6. Dessert Days (October 6, 2004) #36, 4,368 copies sold. GZCA-4019
  7. Yume Real (ユメリアル?) (November 3, 2004) #49, 4,008 copies sold. GZCA-4025
  8. JUMP!NG↑GO☆LET'S GO⇒ (July 13, 2005) #47, 2,999 copies sold. GZCA-4037
  9. PEACH:LIME//SHAKE (July 19, 2006) #64 GZCA-4059
  10. Go! My Heaven (October 18, 2006) #50 GZCA-4080
  11. See you Darling (February 28, 2007) #84 GZCA-4085

Original albums[edit]

  1. Meikyū (迷宮 Maze?) (September 10, 2003) #16 ASIN:B0000AZSVP
  2. JUICY (November 24, 2004) #35 ASIN:B000666T5S

Mini albums[edit]

  1. LOVE DROPS (September 20, 2006) #47 GZCA-5093[3]

Compilation albums[edit]

  1. GIZA Studio Masterpiece Blend 2003 (GIZA studio マスターピース ブレンド 2003?) (December 2003) by GIZA Records, two CDs, No.7 迷Q!?-迷宮-MAKE・YOU. GZCA-5044, GZCA-5045.[3]
  2. Fun’s recommend (ファンズレコメンド ミュージック・アンド・ヴィジュアル・セレクション?) (September 2004) by avex trax, one CD and one visual DVD. No.13 Aisuru Kimi ga Soba ni Ireba (愛する君が傍にいれば?) AVCD-17523, AVCD-17523B.[3]
  3. It’s TV Show! TBS and Fuji Televisions Theme Songs, Opening Songs, Penultimate Songs ! (~TBSテレビ&フジテレビ主題歌&テーマ曲 MU-HA presents, best~disc 2.?) (October 2004) by B-Gram RECORDS, one CD. No.5 MeiQ!?-Meikyū-MAKE YOU- (迷Q!?-迷宮-MAKE YOU-?) JBCJ-9010.[3]
  4. Rina matsuri 2004 (里菜・祭り2004?) (November 2004) by B-VISION, two visual DVDs. No.4 Please Mr.Postman (chorus with Rina Aiuchi); no.5 Suteki na Yume Miyou ne (素敵な夢みようね?) ONBD-7037, ONBD-7038.[3]


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