Hayat Bakshi Mosque

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Hayat Bakshi Mosque
Hayat Bakshi Mosque 01.jpg
LocationHyderabad, Telangana, India
Typemosque and adjoining caravanserai
StyleIndo-Islamic architecture
Completed1672 CE

Hayat Bakshi Mosque also Hayat Bakshi Begum Masjid or Hayathnagar Grand Mosque is a mosque located in Hayathnagar, near Hyderabad, India.[1] It was constructed in 1672 during the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah the fifth Sultan of Golconda.[2][3]

There is a mosque with the same name in "Qutb Shahi tombs" as well.

Structure and architecture[edit]

The Mosque is built in typical Qutub Shahi architecture; with the Sarai, a rest house for the weary travelers. The façade features five arches, two minarets as well as a frieze and parapet which runs around the twelve-sided arcaded galleries protruding from the corner minarets. The prayer hall is set on a raised platform. Toward the eastern side of the platform and below the mosque is an ablution tank. The large complex occupies nearly 5 acres. The caravan sarai (rest house) is a 150 m by 130 m courtyard. This guest house is said to have 130 rooms. Hathi Bawli (meaning well of elephant), is a very large well on the north-east of the mosque.[2][4]


In May 2009, the archaeology and museums department requested permission from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to tear down 20 structures abutting the Hayat Bakshi Begum Mosque in violation of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act of 1960.[5]

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