Haybusak University of Yerevan

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Haybusak University of Yerevan
Haybusak University of Yerevan
Type private university
Established 1990
Rector Anahit Harutyunian
Students 7000
Address Abelyan street, Yerevan, Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
Website Official website
Yerevan Haybusak University's logo

Haybusak University of Yerevan , (ArmenianԵրևանի Հայբուսակ Համալսարան) is a private university in Armenia


Founded in 1990 by Academician Levon Harutyunyan, as of 2007, it has 5400 students, 6000 alumni, 300 teachers (among them 48 Professors, 64 PhD, 12 Academicians). The university was granted state accreditation in 2001. The faculties at Yerevan Haybusak University are Medicine, Economics, Humanities and International relations.

In 2007 Yerevan Haybusak University, together with the Armenian Open University and the International Relations Institute established the International Academy of Education (IAE), an educational structure which joined the forces of the abovementioned institutions in providing higher and undergraduate education. Later that same year, the IAE high school was established. In 2010, the Roslin Design Institute joined IAE. As of 2012, the overall number of all IAE graduates is above 7.000. [1] [2] [3]


The University has six faculties:

  1. Faculty of Medicine
  2. Faculty of International Relations
  3. Faculty of Design
  4. Faculty of Economics
  5. Faculty of Humanities
  6. Faculty of Law
  7. Faculty of MBBS ( for Indian Students)

Contact for Admission from India. Yervan Haybusak University Athina Education LLP +91 9999997869


Stage: Bachelor's degree (4 years), Master (2 years). University students take to the Republic of Armenia and foreign citizens: Education is conducted in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English. University graduates are working in the Republic of Armenia and international public and private institutions and organizations.


Rector Anahit Harutyunyan Since 1993


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Coordinates: 40°12′00″N 44°28′34″E / 40.20000°N 44.47611°E / 40.20000; 44.47611