Haycocknema perplexum

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Haycocknema perplexum
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Enoplea
Order: Muspiceida
Family: Robertdollfusidae
Genus: Haycocknema
Species: H. perplexum
Binomial name
Haycocknema perplexum

Haycocknema perplexum are nematodes which reside in tissues under the skin or in blood vessels.[1] The origin of these parasites and their natural hosts are not known at this time.[1] This group is around 8% of nematode species which affect vertebrates.[1] Clinical symptoms of this parasite include eosinophilia and high levels of creatine kinase.[1] While rare with only five documented cases in Australia, this parasite can become fatal if untreated due to the muscles of the respiratory system becoming unable to function properly.[1]

The treatment for this parasite is 400 mg of Abendazole.[2] This broad spectrum medication is an antihelmintic drug that can treat diseases by impairing the parasite's ability to absorb glucose, resulting in its death.[2]


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