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Hayden Turner born 16 January 1966 in Sydney, Australia, is a television and cable TV presenter.


Hayden Turner is a wildlife television presenter, now a global household name through his work for the National Geographic Channel and TV. He reports from some of the wildest and most scenic places on earth, transmitting passion and expertise with each broadcast.

Hayden combines an exceptional commitment to conservation with an understanding of his audiences’ interests. He works alongside experienced television crews, leading producers and directors, and has co-produced several of his programmes.

Over the past twelve years, the former zookeeper has travelled extensively throughout the African continent and to more than 35 other countries. He has worked with numerous species but specialises in the husbandry of African mammals.

When not adventuring in some remote corner of the Globe, Hayden runs programmes and gives talks for zoos and schools, believing that the most effective approach to conservation is education.


Few are fortunate enough to turn a lifelong aspiration into a career reality. For Hayden, combining his love of wildlife with a career as a television presenter happened as a result of a chance meeting.

Hayden had resigned his ten-year job as senior keeper at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, to visit Africa and work on volunteer conservation projects. Before leaving he took a party of VIPs on a behind-the-scenes tour. One of the group was Bryan Smith, general manager of National Geographic Channel in Australia. Impressed by the passion and depth of knowledge Hayden displayed and struck by his unique presentation skills, Bryan asked him if he’d be interested in taking a digital video camera to Africa to record his adventures.

Hayden made an appearance in a Play School episode in 1993 as a zoo keeper when they visited the Taronga Zoo.


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