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Coordinates: 51°22′29″N 0°01′11″E / 51.374633°N 0.019821°E / 51.374633; 0.019821

Hayes School
West Common Road


MottoExcellence through Endeavour
Department for Education URN136644 Tables
Chair of GovernorsMrs. L. Jeffreys
PrincipalMr. S. Whittle
Age11 to 18
Houses     Blue (Rowling)
     Red (Attenborough)
     Green (Malala)
     Yellow (Hawking)

Hayes School is a mixed secondary school with academy status located in the village of Hayes within the London Borough of Bromley. The school is well renowned throughout the surrounding area for its sporting achievements, most notably in basketball, girls football, netball and rugby and has produced some of the highest GCSE and A Level results in the borough, and is therefore heavily over-subscribed.

The school has approximately 1800 students, of whom 500 are in the sixth form.[1]


The school became independent from the local Parish school in Hayes village in 1956. At this time, the school took solely male students and consisted only of Gadsden, a Victorian Gothic mansion which now houses the present day Reception, schools offices, et cetera. Soon after its opening, the school accepted students of both sexes and was mostly relocated to what is now known as A block. Further expansion followed culminating in the opening of a new C block (containing a state of the art Library unique to London at the time) and a vastly improved Music Department in 2003, and a new L block in 2006, where the School celebrated its fiftieth Anniversary with a fair, which also acted as a Fundraising event. Now there is a newly opened block for Media Studies, Drama, the Library etc. M-Block, opened in the summer of 2010 and was developed over a short-year's period from March to September.

The school gained academy status on 1 April 2011. The school's two most recent Ofsted Reports, in 2011 and 2013, both awarded the school Outstanding status.[citation needed]

School productions[edit]

The school is known for its school productions. Each year a play is cast by the drama department over 3–4 nights show casing the talent and versatility of the students. The music department also hold a concert each term showing the parents what students have been working on in the wide range of rehearsals and ensembles. The music department also two 'MusicFests' a year where students can perform their own piece. The most recent, was the schools biggest in over 10 years.

School buildings[edit]

The school has 10 different blocks (A, B, C, D, E, G, H, L, M, S): the newest block (M) was opened in 2010. Most blocks are split into two floors. A Block – A block is dedicated to Science; biology, chemistry and physics.

B Block – Used for many subjects. Design Technology taking up the ground floor, while upstairs is used for Art, mostly, with one classroom used for Information Technology.

C Block – Two floors. The lower floor is used for Music Business Studies, Drama, Psychology and Sociology. The first floor is used for IT, with three music practice rooms, a recording studio and a store room to house students instruments.

D Block – Lower floor is used for MFL (Modern Foreign Languages. Primarily French, which all students must learn, and German and Spanish, which one 'side' of a year is taught each). The first floor is used for Humanities (History, Religious Education, and Geography) and Social Sciences (Politics, Sociology, Law, Government and Politics & Psychology). At the end of D Block on the ground floor, you can find the main Sixth Form Study Centre, split with a common room area (canteen included) exclusively for Sixth Form students and a silent study room with computers.

E Block – Dance Studio.

G Block – Gadsden. This is an old house that has been renovated into two reception areas, one main and one for students. It also houses many offices, with a medical room on the bottom floor, next to the Student Reception.

H – H Block, is otherwise known as the 'Huts'. H1 is a standard classroom where Spanish and Geography is taught, H2 is used for counselling and student support, H3 and H4 are part of the Bromley School Collegiate teaching school and H5 and H6 are both another sixth form study area.

L – L Block, used for English classes.

M – M block is used for a variety of subjects, including: English, Mathematics, Media and Drama. In addition, you can find Transition, Student Support and Speech & Language on the ground floor. The extension has been completed and has transferred the mathematics department from A Block to M Block. The school library is also located on the ground floor of M Block.

S – S Block is used by the PE Department including a sports hall, four changing rooms (2 boys, 2 girls) and a multi purpose hall which can also be used for assemblies.

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