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Haymarket Books
Parent companyCenter for Economic Research and Social Change[1]
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationChicago
DistributionConsortium Books (US)
Turnaround Publisher Services (UK)[2]
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicsArt & Culture, Biography & Memoir, Black Politics, Economics, Education, En Español, Environment & Science, Feminism & Gender, Graphic Novels & Photography, Imperialism & War, Kids & Young Adult, Labor Movement, Literature & Fiction, Palestine, Poetry, Police & Prisons, Russian Revolution, Socialism & Marxism, Sports, U.S. History & Politics
Official websitewww.haymarketbooks.org

Haymarket Books is a non-profit, radical, independent book publisher based in Chicago.[3]

Haymarket was cited by Publishers Weekly on their list of fast-growing independent publishers in 2017[4] and 2018[5].

Notable Haymarket authors include Michael Bennett, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Eve Ewing, Naomi Klein[6], Arundhati Roy, Rebecca Solnit, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Howard Zinn, and Dave Zirin.

The name of the publishing house is a reference to the 1886 Haymarket affair, an incident that began with police killing four striking workers and injuring many more, culminating in a show of working-class solidarity the next day where workers gathered to protest the police brutality against striking workers. A bomb was thrown into the crowd, injuring 6-7 police; in response, police open-fired into the crowd killing and injuring masses of civilians as well as police.

Haymarket is known for publishing, "provocative books from the left end of the political spectrum."[7] Founding editors Anthony Arnove and Julie Fain previously worked on the International Socialist Review.[7]


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