Haymarket roundabout

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Coordinates: 37°48′04″S 144°57′26″E / 37.8011°S 144.9573°E / -37.8011; 144.9573

Haymarket roundabout

Haymarket roundabout is a roundabout located at the intersection of Elizabeth Street, Flemington Road and Peel Street near the northwest border of the Melbourne CBD in Australia. It is also the location of two tram stops.

The roundabout is also informally known as the roundabout of death due to the high number of serious traffic incidents.[1][2] Between 2000 and May 2011 there were 78 crashes recorded at the roundabout, including 14 with serious injuries.[1]In May 2011, upgrades were announced to improve safety for tram users, motorists and cyclists.[3] These included the installation of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and line markings.[4]

Tram stops[edit]

Tram stops
Location Elizabeth and Peel Streets, Melbourne
Owned by VicTrack
Operated by Yarra Trams
Platforms 4 (2 side each on Elizabeth and Peel Streets)
Tracks 4 (2 each on Elizabeth and Peel Streets)
Connections Bus route 505
Structure type At grade
Disabled access Yes on Elizabeth Street, no on Peel Street
Other information
Fare zone 1

The Haymarket tram stops refer to two tram stops located next to the Haymarket roundabout, one on Elizabeth Street southeast of the roundabout, and one on Peel Street south of the roundabout.


Destination via Located on
19[a] Coburg North ParkvilleBrunswick Elizabeth Street
19 Flinders Street railway station, City Elizabeth Street
58 Pascoe Vale South Parkville – Brunswick West Peel Street
58 Toorak City – SouthbankSouth Yarra Peel Street
59 Airport West Parkville – TravancoreMoonee PondsEssendon Elizabeth Street
59 Flinders Street railway station, City Elizabeth Street


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