Haymarket roundabout

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Coordinates: 37°48′04″S 144°57′26″E / 37.8011°S 144.9573°E / -37.8011; 144.9573

Haymarket roundabout

Haymarket Roundabout, informally known as the roundabout of death,[1][2][3] is a notorious roundabout in North Melbourne, Australia. The roundabout is formed at the junction of Peel St, Royal Parade, Elizabeth St, and Flemington Road, on the northwest border of Melbourne's CBD.

There are eight vehicle entry and exit points combined with trams entering from three points. Between 2000 and May 2011 there were 78 crashes recorded at the roundabout, including 14 with serious injuries.[2]

In May 2011 upgrades were announced to improve safety for tram users, motorists and cyclists.[4] These included the installation of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and line markings.[5]

Videos demonstrating the dangers of the Roundabout of Death, sometimes known as Raod. [1][2][3][4].


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