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Yiddish Journalism

ייִדיש לעבט

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Haynt (הײַנט - "Today"; Yidishes tageblat 1906-08) was a Yiddish daily newspaper, published in Warsaw from 1906 until 1939.

Newspaper Yidishes tageblat (יידישעס טאגעבלאט) was founded in 1906 by Zionist Shmuel Yankev Yatskan, a former contributor to the Hebrew language paper Ha-Tsefirah. In 1908 Yidishes tageblat changed its name to Haynt and quickly established itself as the premier Yiddish newspaper in the Congress Poland.[1]

Practice of reprinting Yiddish fiction in serialized form, helped Haynt set new circulation records for Yiddish journalism. By 1913 newspaper reached circulation of more than 150,000.[2]

From 1908 till 1932 Haynt was a private company. In 1932 a cooperative called Alt-Nay was formed by the staff, who administered newspaper ever since.[3]


  • Esriel Carlebach (עזריאל קארלעבאך), also under pseudonym Levi Gotthelf (לוי גאָטהעלף).


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