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Hayom Shehaya (Hebrew: הַיוֹם שֶׁהָיָה, lit. The Day That Was) is an Israeli daily off-prime time current affair program, broadcast on Israeli channel 10 since June 2003. The show is aired every evening at the end of the prime time schedule (usually at 22:30 pm, while at times sport events either delay or move it to earlier schedule, around the same regular broadcasting hour). It is broadcast live and is being presented by the Israeli Radio and Media persona Guy Zohar, from its first day, and at times Tali Moreno fills in his place. The editor of the show, from its first day, is Ze'ev Chasper, except for in between 2007–2008, when he served as the channel's website's manager, and Hanoch Daum was appointed to fill his place.