Haywood Academy

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Haywood Academy
Motto "Inspiring Creativity & Achievement"
Type Academy
Religion Mixed
Headteacher Mr C Ward
Location High Lane
Stoke On Trent
Coordinates: 53°03′19″N 2°11′20″W / 53.0552°N 2.1890°W / 53.0552; -2.1890
Students 1160
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–19
Houses Viking, Apollo, Genesis
Website www.haywood.stoke.sch.uk

Haywood Academy is a secondary school with academy status for 11- to 19-year-olds located on High Lane in the Stoke On Trent town of Burslem, England. The Sixth Form is located in Burslem 1 mile from the main site. It was formerly known as Haywood Engineering College, and changed its name in July 2013 to reflect its Academy status. Haywood Academy is a member of the Schools Cooperative Society and is proudly a cooperative school, governed by local people for the benefit of local young people. Its innovative sixth form provision has been highly regarded by the DFE as best practice.


It was formerly known as Stanfield Technical High School.


Stanfield Technical High School[edit]

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