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Hazaragi cuisine (Hazaragi/Persian: غذا هزارگی‎‎) refers to the food and cuisine of the Hazara people in central Afghanistan (in the region of Hazarajat) and western Pakistan (Balochistan province). The food of the Hazara people is strongly influenced by Central Asian, Persian and South Asian cuisines and shares similarities with neighboring regional cuisines in Afghanistan and Central Asia.[citation needed] However, there are certain dishes, culinary methods and styles of cooking that are unique to the Hazara people.

The Hazara people have a hospitable dining etiquette. In Hazaragi culture, it is customary to prepare special food for guests, and to honor them with the best seats during meal times. Most Hazaras eat food with their hands, as opposed to using cutlery and dining utensils such as forks, knives or spoons.[1] The diet of the Hazara people is largely based on the intake of high-protein foods such as meats and dairy products. They use large amounts of oil in their cooking. A typical Hazara meal/dining course normally consists of cooking one type of food or dish, rather than a wide selection. However, in large formal gatherings or during the presence of guests, a variety of foods may be cooked in the household.[1]

Hazara cuisine is largely centred on bread. There are three main types of breads consumed by Hazara people:[2]

  • Tawa bread, baked on hot plates
  • Tandoor bread, which is baked on a sunken oven known as the "tandoor"
  • Nan-buta bread, a thick and brick sized bread.

Rice is not as frequent in rural Hazara cuisine due to its expensiveness. Tea is a popular beverage among the Hazara people. Fruits and vegetables are only consumed when in season.[2]


Popular Hazaragi dishes include:

  • Bolani or Pirki
  • Shir Rogho
  • Aash (a kind of noodles served with yoghurt, fried minced beef, chick peas, kidney beans and herbs)
  • Dalda (boiled crushed wheat served with melted desi ghee or butter with brown fried onions)
  • Qurti
  • Ogra

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