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Hazari Estate is a private Estate owned by the Hazari family of Dohazari, Chittagong. It is based on Land properties, Commercial Space, Shopping Centre, Housing estates and Industrial places which are the resources of the Estate.[1][2]


Hazari family has owned the estate for three hundred and fifty years. From the period of Mughal Empire this area is controlled by this family as the centre of their domain.

The Mughal Subahdar Shaista Khan expelled the Arakanese from Chittagong in 1666 and established Mughal rule there. After the Arakanese expulsion, Islamabad as the area came to be known, made great strides in economic progress. In 1666,Buzurg Umed Khan the son of the Subahdar led the invasion of the Mughal Army to expel the Arakanese, he was also the chief of the campaign.In this campaign for expelling the Arakanese, there were thirteen Mughal army commanders, consists of both Mansabdars and Army Generals.They invaded Chittagong and won a vast territory starting from modern day Feni to Cox's Bazar . After the invasion they settled there to ensure the security and ruling of the territory. One Mansabdar among them was Rajkumar Lakhsman Singh Hazari. His original name was Lakhsman Singh, he was a Gaur Rajput and came from one of the Suryavanshi lineage Rajput ruling family of Rajputana under Mughal territory. He was a Mansabdar of Hazari rank (commander of two thousand sowar or soldiers) in Mughal Imperial Army and this designation title was added with his name.Lakhsman Singh and a mughal general Adhu Khan's joint force were responsible for the conquest of the southern area, they made their conquest till Ramu .

After dividing the territory, Lakhsman Singh Hazari was awarded a Mansabdari of South Chittagong under Mughal authority, it was a territory starting from Hashimpur,few miles before of Dohazari[3] to nearly the middle of Cox's Bazar. Lakshman Singh Hazari was the founder of Dohazari.He established a fort in Dohazari and it was the centre of his Mansabdari. It is said that "Dohazari" was named because there was an army camp of two thousand soldiers (fort & including areas),this was Lakhsman Singh's command post.

Rajkumar Lakhsman Singh Hazari and other rulers after him were addressed as Maharaj Babu of this territory from Mughal period. Maharaj Babu was a title similar to any title for a Rajput Prince who holds a Princely State.

Their title was dismissed by the East India Company when the East India Company was awarded the diwani or overlordship of Bengal by the empire following the Battle of Buxar in 1764. At this time every ruling families of Bengal who were maintaining their own Military Forces for a long time as a duty and Royal tradition.They were ordered to stop maintaining and the Hazari family of Dohazari were maintaining their own military force consists of more than two thousand soldiers including artillery, horse and sowars (cavalry). This force was specialized for frontier force.By the decree of the new Dewan,Hazari family had to stop maintaining their military forces.

After the establishment of Permanent Settlement Act by East India Company at 1793, Hazari Family lost their Mughal authority and a large part of their territory, they became Zamindar. Though they lost their title, army, authority and a large part of their territory they were addressed as Maharaj Babu till 1940. Monohor Singh Hazari was the last person who was addressed as their old title Maharaj Babu.During British Raj era ,they were one of the leading Zamindars of Chittagong.

During British period, their Zamindari was known as Hazari Estate.Though the Zamindar Estate was smaller than their previous Mughal Territory but it was one of the vast and great Zamindar Estate of the region. After the demolishing of Zamindari system Hazari Estate started to deal with the business sectors related to their land properties.

The Estate owns many structures and some large shopping centres, among them Hazari Tower, is the second largest Shopping Centre of Chittagong district and division and largest in the southern territory outside Chittagong City and Hazari Shopping Centre is fourth among the largest shopping complexes of Chittagong. A large part of commercial spaces of Dohazari is owned by Hazari Estate which can be said as half of the town is owned by the Estate.

In social service activities, Hazari Estate donated and helped for establishing two schools,one college,mosque,temples at Dohazari. The Estate donated a large area of lands for establishing two schools and made strong role on establishing a hospital. Late Babu Bhagirath Singh Hazari was the pioneer of these social service activities. Lakhsman Singh Hazari was the founder of Dohazari and his descendant Bhagirath Singh Hazari was the pioneer and architect of making "Dohazari" a city. Bhagirath Singh Hazari made the first attempt and made strong steps to make Dohazari a city.

The Estate made a great influence for the development of the area, as a result, Dohazari is now the most influential business centre and a Municipality of Chittagong.

Hazari Family Tree[edit]

Raja of the Gaur Rajputs (800 AD- )

1. Sri Raja Veer Bahu

2. Sri Raja Chandra Kanta

3. Sri Raja Sheeltej

4. Sri Raja Nibar Chakra

5. Sri Raja Dashanan

6. Sri Raja Tamra Dhiraj

7. Sri Raja Vivishan

8. Sri Raja Ravan

9. Sri Raja Ram Chandra

Muni title branch (cadet branch of the lineage)

10. Sri ZamadKona Muni

11. Sri Varadwaj Muni

12. Sri Atul Muni

13. Sri Parashar Muni

Hazari title, Mughal Mansabdars , Dohazari lineage (1666- Present days)

14. Rajkumar Lakhsman Singh Hazari

-Mughal mansabdar, commander of two thousand soldiers and sowars, one of the commander during the expulsion of the Arakanese from Chittagong, Founder of Dohazari.

15. Zorawar Singh Hazari

- Son of Lakhsman Singh Hazari, one of the most famous ruler at his time. Led many battles against the Maghs and Arakanese . Founder of Zorwarganj[4] after battle and conquest at modern day Mirasarai area. Nowajish Khan (নওয়াজিশ খান) wrote book about him জোরওয়ার সিংহ কীর্তি.

16. Karkosh Singh Hazari

- was addressed as Maharaj Babu , Head of the Mansabdari

17. Feri Singh Hazari

- was addressed as Maharaj Babu , Head of the Mansabdari

18. Gopal Singh Hazari

- was addressed as Maharaj Babu , Head of the Mansabdari

19. Tarwal Singh Hazari

- was addressed as Maharaj Babu , Head of the Mansabdari

20. Omrao Singh Hazari

- was addressed as Maharaj Babu , Head of the Mansabdari ,later his Mansabdari became Zamindari after the Diwani of East India Company started at Bengal.

21. Tarayen Singh Hazari

- Zamindar of Hazari Estate , he was one of the main zamindars of entire chittagong.People addressed him as Maharaj Babu .

22. Gamir Singh Hazari

- Zamindar of Hazari Estate, was very popular among the people, made various contribution for developments of various localities in chittagong.

23. Monohor Singh Hazari

- Zamindar of Hazari Estate, the last to be addressed as Maharaj Babu . He made various donations and social activities for development and prosperity . One of the mightiest personality of his time and from the lineage.

24. Bhagirath Singh Hazari

- Last Zamindar of Hazari Estate , after the demolishing of zamindari system, he continued the estate as business establishment based on land properties.

Later he became the Chairman of Dohazari and became one of the most famous and successful Chairman. He donated many properties for establishing many important structures and institutions.


Dohazari Jamijuri A. Rahaman High School,

Dohazari Government Primary School,


Dohazari Jam'e Masjid

Govt. Post Office,

Dohazari Post Office

Many temples and various social cause based issues were supported by his donations.

He played strong role to establish Dohazari Hospital. He was very famous and respected among the people.Till today there are tales regarding him and his great personality, he became a legend. During Pakistan Govt. he was offered to be the Minister of Religious Affairs,for his personal reason he refused.He made strong contribution for the socio-economic development of Dohazari and he was the Architect of making Dohazari a City.

His father was Sheubir Singh Hazari , the brother of the Monohor Singh Hazari.

Current members of the family

1. Dr. Swaroj Kanti Singh Hazari

- Son of Bhagirath Singh Hazari. Vice Chancellor of BGC Trust University . Chair-person of Hazari Estate .

Internationally recognised Chemistry scholar. Former Professor of University of Chittagong . Writer of many chemistry books and journals.In Bangladesh,his books are used in S.S.C. and H.S.C. level as National Curriculum of Text Board approved text book. His books are also used for reference book in Undergraduate level and Postgraduate level in Bangladesh and India.Currently residing in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

He has one son and one daughter,

Kallol Singh Hazari

Kakoli Dey

both of them residing in the United States.

2. Manoj Singh Hazari

- Son of Bhagirath Singh Hazari.He is a popular figure among the people, made various contributions in socio-economic and political arena.Currently residing in the United States.

He has one son and one daughter

Dabraj Singh Hazari

Nondita Hazari

both of them residing in the United States

3. Pijush Singh Hazari

- Son of Bhagirath Singh Hazari.

Managing Director of Hazari Estate

He is one of the very respected and strong figure of Dohazari. Mostly responsible for the establishment of Hazari Shopping Centre (Fifth largest shopping centre of Chittagong) and Hazari Tower (Second largest shopping centre of Chittagong).Chair-person of various social Service based establishments.Currently residing in Dohazari.

He has one daughter and two sons,

Shantosree Singh Hazari ,married and currently residing in Dubai UAE

Gourob Singh Hazari,Lawyer, working at Supreme Court of Bangladesh ,residing in Dhaka.

Tanoy Singh Hazari, residing in Dohazari.

4. Tushar Singh Hazari

-Son of Bhagirath Singh Hazari. Lawyer, working at Chittagong Judge's Court. Chairperson of various social service based organizations.Residing in Chittagong.

He has two sons,

Shantonu Singh Hazari, Doctor, Medical Officer at Govt. Hospital.Currently residing in Chittagong.

Shaown Singh Hazari, Studying and currently residing in Dhaka.

5. Dipak Singh Hazari

-Son of Bhagirath Singh Hazari. Businessman and academic person . Professor at a Govt. Institution.Currently residing in Dohazari.

He has one son,

Pramit Singh Hazari, studying and currently residing in Dhaka


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