Hazel Brook

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Hazel Brook
Trym and Hazel Brook, Bristol.jpg
River Trym and Hazel Brook in Bristol, England
DistrictSouth Gloucestershire
Physical characteristics
SourceCribbs Causeway
 • locationSouth Gloucestershire, West of England, England
 • coordinates51°31′30″N 2°36′47″W / 51.525°N 2.613°W / 51.525; -2.613
 • elevation263 ft (80 m)
MouthCoombe Dingle
 • location
Bristol, West of England, England
 • coordinates
51°29′42″N 2°38′28″W / 51.495°N 2.641°W / 51.495; -2.641Coordinates: 51°29′42″N 2°38′28″W / 51.495°N 2.641°W / 51.495; -2.641
 • elevation
195 ft (59 m)
Length2 mi (3.2 km)
Basin features
River systemBristol Avon

The Hazel Brook, also known as the Hen,[1][2] is a tributary of the River Trym in Bristol, England. It rises at Cribbs Causeway in South Gloucestershire. From there, its course takes it south, passing the western end of Filton Aerodrome on its left bank, through Brentry and Henbury before dropping through a steep limestone gorge in the Blaise Castle estate. It continues south through two lakes before joining the Trym at Coombe Dingle.[3][4]


Surface run-off in the upper catchment of the Hazel Brook, especially from the large retail centre at Cribbs Causeway, sends a good deal of silt into the system, slowing the flow and creating a risk of flooding downstream in the Trym. This problem has now been partially alleviated by the construction of the Catbrain attenuation reservoir near Cribbs Causeway.[5] Measurements of pollution by the city council show the water to be relatively clean.[6][7]


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