Hazlehead, Aberdeen

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Hazlehead is an area in the west of the Scottish city of Aberdeen.


Hazlehead comprises a mixture of flats, houses and residential tower blocks.

It was originally a council estate although many homes are now privately owned.

The council's idea behind the Hazlehead Estate was that there should be lots of open space, that would be accessible to all. Hence why no houses have gardens in Hazlehead

A large part of the area forms Hazlehead Park, which opened in 1920, having formerly been the grounds of Hazlehead House, the home of William Rose, shipbuilder.

Hazlehead has two schools, a few shops and Hazlehead Park, which is the largest park in the city and includes a 9-hole and two 18-hole golf courses.


Hazlehead has one primary school and one secondary school, Hazlehead Primary School and Hazlehead Academy. The primary school in the area is currently undergoing a rebuild of their school as part of Aberdeen City Council's 3R's project to refurbish schools in the city.

Hazlehead has a large golf course situated on beautiful grounds. It also has a horse-riding centre, 2 parks, tennis courts, golf clubhouse, large area used to play football on, a swimming pool and local shops.


  1. Information about William Rose is sourced from "The Gilcomston Story", an account of Gilcomston South Church from its beginnings to 1945, written by Francis Lyall. The relevant section is the piece regarding Rev. Robert Forgan.

Coordinates: 57°08′33″N 2°10′45″W / 57.14254°N 2.17929°W / 57.14254; -2.17929