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Hazor or Hatzor (Hebrew: חצור‎) may refer to:


  • Hatzor, a kibbutz in Be'er Tuvia Regional Council, Southern District, Israel
  • Hatzor Airbase, an Israeli Air Force military air base
  • Hazor HaGelilit, a town in northern Israel near Rosh Pinna and Safed
  • Baal-hazor, the highest point on Mount Hazor, named in the Second Book of Samuel
  • En-hazor, a fortified settlement named in the Book of Joshua
  • Mount Hazor, a plateau on the boundary between Samaria and Judea
  • Nahal Hazor, a tributary to the Jordan River in the Dead Sea watershed
  • Tel Hazor, an archaeological tell at the site of ancient Hazor in the southern Hula Valley