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Hazor (Hebrew: חצור‎) is the name of several places in the biblical and modern Israel:

Biblical locations:

  • Tel Hazor, site of an ancient fortified city in the Upper Galilee, among the most important Caananite towns, and the largest ancient ruin in modern Israel and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    • In the eleventh century BCE, Hazor (or Tel Hazor) was ruled by Egypt as the holy city for Hathor. The Old Testament states it was destroyed by Joshua (Joshua 11:13, 21)
  • Hazor, A town in the southern Negev, between Kadesh and Ithan, mentioned in a geographic list.[1] The Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1209 conflates Hazor and Ithnan into a single word in the list, while Codex Alexandrinus completely omits Ithnan from it. Suspected by some archaeologists to be identical with modern El-Jebariyeh.
  • Hazor, one of the towns inhabited by the descendants of the Tribe of Benjamin, after their return from Babylonian Captivity.[2] The town, described by the Book of Nehemiah as being located between Ananiah and Ramah, is suspected by some archaeologists to be identical with modern Khirbet Hazzur.
  • Hazor, one of the towns devastated by Nabu-Kudurri-User, described by the Book of Jeremiah as being in the vicinity of Kedar.[3] The text refers to kingdoms of Hazor, which suggests the possibility that this Hazor was the name of a region in the Arab desert (the land east of the Jordan River).[4]
  • Kerioth-Hezron, a town in the south of the land occupied by the Tribe of Judah, Kerioth;[5] the Revised Standard Version renders it as Hazor-Hadattah. Archaeologists suspect the town to be identical to modern Khirbet el-Qaryatein.

Modern-day Israel:

  • Hatzor HaGlilit, a town in northern Israel
  • Hatzor, a kibbutz in central Israel, also called Hatzor Ashdod after the nearby city.
  • Hatzor Airbase, an Israeli Air Force base located next to the kibbutz


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