Muhammad Jaunpuri

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Syed Muhammad
The Holy Tomb of Imam Mahdi AS at Farah,Afghanistan.jpg
The Tomb of Muhammad Jaunpuri
Born Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri
(سید محمد جونپورى)

14, Jamadi ul Awal 847 (September 9, 1443)
Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Died 19, Ziquada 910 (April 23, 1505 AD)
Resting place Farah, Afghanistan
Children Syed Mahmood, Syed Ajmal, Syed Ibrahim, Syed Ali
  • Syed Abdullah titled Syed Khan (father)Hussaini
  • Syeda Aminah (mother) Hassani

Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri (Urdu: سید محمد جونپورى‎) (September 9, 1443 – April 23, 1505 AD), claimed to be Imam Mahdi at Mecca in the Hijri year 901, and is revered as such by Mahdavia. He was born in Jaunpur, traveled throughout India, Arabia and Khorasan, where he died at the town of Farah, Afghanistan at the age of 63.

He is also called al-Husayni wa'l-Hassani, which indicates a claim to lineal descent from both Hasan ibn Ali and Husayn ibn Ali, the sons of Ali and grandsons of Muhammad.


He left Jaunpur along with his family and a small group of followers. Migrating from place to place and gathering more companions the Mahdavia group reached Farah in Afghanistan .

Pilgrimage and claim to be the Mahdi[edit]

By the age of 53 he embarked on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, where in 1496 (901 Hijri), after circumambulating the Kaaba, he declared that he was the Promised Mahdi and whoever believes in him is a Momin.

He was generally ignored by the ulema of Mecca, and after staying in Mecca for nearly seven or nine months[1] he returned to India where he proclaimed himself Mahdi at Ahmedabad and later at Badhli (near Patan, Gujarat).