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Also known as SkyGroove
Genres Eurodance, house
Years active 2001 — present
Website www.hdstylez.de
Members Jett & Alisha


HDstylez! is a German musical band specializing in Club House, Electro Progressive, Euro Trance, Hands Up and Dubstep dance music. The project began its life in far 2001 and later it was closed because of internal collisions among members of the original squad. In 2009 the German group took a new lease of life with its present members – Jett Freytag, dj and producer with Alisha Lorenz, band`s voice and singer.

In 2010 HDstylez! began to appear on the halls. By the present moment the band has been shuffling for 2 years running. So far, the group becomes “club patron” of the whole row of hot parties mixing tracks collaboratively with Paul van Dyk, Solarstone, Bart Claessen, Nadia Ali, Dash Berlin, Jochen Miller, Rank 1, Marco V, Arty. Besides vocalizing tracks Alisha takes part in a number of European vocal contests. She was of the contestants of musical festival in Paris lloret De Mar and Pesaro.

Long-awaited popularity comes soon after released mix collections “Club Energy”, “die Elemente”, Nur Dancecore, Candy Collection… By June 2012 two more singles Fly to The Sky and Space Dream have been unveiled. 2013 HDstylez! meets with promising “Open Fire” single.

HDstylez! is working towards recording of new compositions and remixes, so far as preparing new concert program.



  • 2012 HDstylez! - Fly to The Sky
  • 2012 HDstylez! - Save me
  • 2012 HDstylez! - Space Dreams
  • 2013 HDstylez! - Open Fire
  • 2013 HDstylez! - Aircraft
  • 2013 HDstylez! - Fly Away

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